Logitech has grown the Logitech G brand with the restructuring

Logitech has grown the Logitech G brand with the restructuring

One of the world’s largest manufacturers of peripherals Logitechwith the new structure Logitech G his brand raised.

Logitech is a technology company that has been with us for many years. The giant manufacturer, which has introduced different brands under the main roof in line with purchases and different focal points throughout its journey, today Logitech G announced that they were collecting After this Astro, Logitech for creators And blue brands directly. Logitech G is under its roof. Here, in particular, the decision to die “Blue” draws attention. Logitech has signed the Blue company, which has signed high-end microphone models. It was acquired by paying 117 million dollars in 2018. and has so far offered a lot of options under the brand. Almost completely by name, Blue, which has high brand awareness (It will only be used for “Blue VO!CE” technology.) eliminating Logitech, It’s baffling on this issue, but in general, no unreasonable steps are taken here.


Since it has been with us for many years, there is hardly anyone who does not know Logitech, Astro, Logitech for Creators and Blue brands are from Logitech awareness. it is quite far away. Stating that they will continue the Astro branded headphones, which were purchased for 85 million dollars in 2017, under the “G”, specifically for high-end console headphones, Logitech is completely eliminating the Logitech for Creators brand, just like Blue. focused directly on the game Logitech G The giant manufacturer, which will now highlight its brand even more and combine all its social media accounts, has also arranged its website according to this step. You can watch the official announcement video from the company on this subject right below: