Logitech G FITS wireless headset model and more introduced

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recently leaked Logitech G FITS The gaming-focused wireless headset model with the name is officially launched. was done.

Logitech G FITS wireless headphones model is presented as an elegant option. The product, which specifically targets gamers due to its ā€œGā€ series, is among the most comfortable headphones of the company. Because the ends of the model can directly take the shape of the wearer’s ear. For this, the tip of the earphone is hardened with UV light, which is opened after it is attached, and in this way, it can protect the most suitable shape for your ear after removing it. Overseas price 230 dollars at the level FITSIt has two different color options, black and white.

2.4GHz Lightspeed beside Bluetooth 5.2 connection support and Bringing 10 hours of battery life with Bluetooth, 7 hours with Lightspeed G FITS wireless earphonesWith the chamber, it provides an extra 8 hours of life in Bluetooth and an extra 12 hours in Lightspeed. The model does not have an ANC, or active noise canceling feature.


By the way, other new products came from Logitech today. The firm was first 100 dollars You can see the price just below Litra Beam introduced the light. The slim product, which can be positioned in different places, can provide very useful and very soft light for game publishers or people who make frequent video conference calls.

In addition, you can see below Blue Sona XLR The microphone model is also among the new products. Microphone with a modern design and capable of capturing quality sound, 350 dollars It has a substantial price abroad.

Logitech G FITS wireless headset model and more introduced
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