Location: USA! Another George Floyd case: He died due to suffocation

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Images of the death of a black American, who allegedly escaped from a traffic accident in the Canton region of Ohio on April 18, as a result of police violence, were made public today.

While the images recorded from the helmet cameras of the police officers who intervened in the incident quickly spread on social media, the incident was compared to the death of George Floyd, a black American who died as a result of police violence in 2020.


In the footage, it is seen that Tyson, who was detained by the police in a cafeteria for allegedly being involved in a vehicle accident, was placed on the ground and handcuffed backwards, and repeatedly said to the police, “They are trying to kill me.”


The moments when the black American, who was lying face down on the ground and handcuffed, said “I can’t breathe” many times, as the police pressed his neck with his knee, making it difficult for him to breathe, were captured on camera.

After a few minutes, the police check whether the still black man is alive, realize that Tyson is not breathing, and start performing heart massage, and then the suspect is taken to the hospital by ambulance.

According to the police statement, while Tyson died in the hospital, the police officers involved in the incident were suspended for investigation.


In 2020, black American George Floyd died as a result of police violence, and after the incident, racism and police violence in the USA were protested for weeks in large demonstrations that spread across the country.

Source: AAThis content was published by Recep Demircan