LKAB closes the Konsuln mine – 60 jobs are affected

After the two derailments at Vassijaure, LKAB has warned that the lack of capacity on the Malmbanan could force the mining company to reduce production of iron ore. Now LKAB takes the warnings seriously.

The Consul is located in the southern part of Kiirunavaara, as a smaller, almost separate part of the Kiruna Mine. Previously, LKAB used Konsuln for research into new mining methods and infrastructure. In recent years, however, the mine has also increasingly been used as a production mine, which is now on hold.

Derailment on the Malmbanan at Vassijaure

  • New stop on the Malmbanan – now because of the heat

  • After the derailments on the Malmbanan: LKAB orders more ore wagons

  • LKAB’s area manager: “Bitter”

    In 2023, 2.4 million tons of iron ore were mined there, which were then refined in the pellet mills.

    – The Consul is more suitable for research and development and even if the production has been profitable, it has been done at higher costs than in normal operations. Being forced to shut down profitable operations is bitter, says area manager Magnus Backe.

    The mine is placed in a moth bag

    Now Konsuln is put in a mothball, but maintained so that mining can be started again relatively easily.

    At the same time, LKAB warns that there may be more cutbacks.

    – We expect to make a decision in the autumn about whether we are forced to make more dramatic reductions in the form of a possible closure of pellet mills with associated mining production, says Michael Palo, head of the iron ore business area.