Ljungby municipality renovated sauna for half a million – the electricity price makes it too expensive to open

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– We must reduce energy consumption. What is relatively simple and does not affect the children so much is to keep the sauna closed, says Ing-Marie Byström, director of culture and leisure in Ljungby municipality.

Since electricity prices started to skyrocket, Ljungby municipality has taken inventory of every building and cost that they can incur. They have switched to LED lights and energy-efficient fans, but it is not enough to keep the electricity bill down. Now they have decided to close the steam sauna in the adventure section of the swimming hall, and also wait to open the two new saunas in the changing rooms.

– People probably think it’s very boring, but I think there is a great understanding because there are so many discussions about how the electricity should be used, says Ing-Marie Byström.

Saves SEK 150,000 a month

The sauna renovation itself has cost the municipality roughly SEK 600,000, and the idea was that they would be opened to the public within a couple of weeks. But there is no question of completely closing the swimming pool. However, the water temperature may be lowered a degree.

– It must not be too unpleasant, then we won’t get bathers here anyway.

According to Ljungby municipality’s calculations, they save roughly SEK 150,000 a month by closing all the saunas in the swimming hall. The price is calculated at SEK 4 per kilowatt hour.