Lizzo is going to quit – she can’t take anymore social bullying | Culture

Lizzo is going to quit – she cant take anymore

The artist says he is tired of the way he is treated. He says on Instagram that he is quitting.

I QUIT This is what the American singer writes Lizzo on Instagram.

He starts his post by saying that he’s tired of everyone ripping him off both in real life and on the internet. He would just like to make music and make people happy.

– But I’ve got the feeling that the world doesn’t want me to exist, Lizzo continues.

Lizzo writes that lies are being told about her. He is also joked about, and the jokes are based on his appearance.

– I didn’t go along because of this. I STOP, Lizzo writes.

Lizzo wrote her post a day after she was criticized by a lawyer for her former dancers, says BBC. The lawyer criticized the decision to make Lizzo the face of the charity event, despite the fact that accusations of sexual harassment and workplace bullying have been made against her. Lizzo has denied the claims.