Liverpool: Klopp’s men punished at home at Anfield

Liverpool Klopps men punished at home at Anfield

In the summary of Radio football internationale Wednesday: – Champions League, eighth return suite! ; – The posters of the day under the magnifying glass! Napoli receives Frankfurt with a 2-goal lead in its pocket! Series A is about to achieve a 3/3! ; – Liverpool: objective reassembled! Do Klopp’s men punished at home at Anfield (2-5) have the resources to overthrow the defending champion at the Bernabéu? Attention, impossible is not Reds!

Back to the shocks of the day before!

– Manchester Haaland joins the quarters by marching on Leipzig (7-0)! Fivefold for the young Norwegian! Will the Nordic steamroller absolutely crush everything in the future?

– Inter Milan hold the draw at Porto 0-0) and join AC Milan in the next round. Lombardy is celebrating again!

La Liga in turmoil!

– FC Barcelona indicted for corruption after payments to a former head of referees casts a suspicion that La Liga would have gone well. A deal that could cost the Catalan club dearly. Explanations with François David!

– Houssem Aouar, 1,2,3 Long live Algeria! The Lyon player who has already worn the EDF blue tunic on one occasion will now play for the Fennecs. Is his choice debatable?

To discuss it with Annie Gasnier, our consultants of the day: Nabil Djellit, Philippe Doucet and Salim Baungally – David Fintzel – Technique/Direction: Laurent Salerno.