Lisa, 9, will be sent to an orphanage in Albania if she is deported

Lisa 9 will be sent to an orphanage in Albania


Nine-year-old Lisa will end up in an orphanage if she is deported to Albania, according to emails from Swedish authorities that P4 Skaraborg have taken part in.

– It is information from the Swedish Migration Agency that is not correct at all, says Lisa’s lawyer Robert Nyström.

  • Nine-year-old Lisa risks ending up in an orphanage if she is deported to Albania, according to emails from Swedish authorities.
  • Lisa’s foster parents in Sweden have tried to adopt her, but the Court of Appeal ruled in March that adoption was not best for the child.
  • The Swedish Migration Agency says that a child is never deported if there is no “arranged reception”, but if this is not the case, the case can be reconsidered.
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    Email exchanges between Swedish police and Albanian authorities show that Lisa, 9, will be placed in an institution in Albania if she is deported, writes P4 Skaraborg.

    – It shows very clearly that it is precisely the reception by social authorities in Albania that is relevant and thus it becomes relevant to look at how she will be treated there, what the orphanage looks like, says Lisa’s lawyer Robert Nyström to the radio.

    Albania offers “orderly reception”

    The email states that Lisa’s biological mother is not considered capable of taking care of her and that no other suitable relatives can be found.

    Albania instead offers an “orderly reception.”

    “She will be received by an employee at the center where the child will be placed,” writes the Albanian embassy at the end of November, according to P4 Skaraborg.

    Lisa currently lives in a family home in Sweden and her family home parents want to adopt her, which Aftonbladet previously reported on.

    But in March, the Court of Appeal decided that an adoption is not in the best interests of the child. The refusal now probably means that Lisa will be deported alone to Albania, according to a previous decision from the Swedish Migration Agency.

    Chief Justice: The information is unvarnished

    Lisa’s mother has already been deported to the country and has previously told NLT and TV4 that she wishes her daughter could stay with the foster parents. The biological father is not in the picture.

    After massive criticism of the Migration Agency’s decision, the authority has said that it wants to ensure that Lisa can be reunited with her biological mother before she is deported.

    The Migration Agency’s head of law, Carl Bexelius, has also previously spoken TV4 that certain information in the media, including the one about the girl being deported to an orphanage, had been unvarnished.

    The Swedish Migration Agency: “The case can be tried again”

    The Swedish Migration Agency tells Aftonbladet on Monday that questions about the enforcement of deportation can be answered by the police.

    – As far as the individual case is concerned, a notification of impediment to enforcement has been submitted to the Swedish Migration Agency, and that means that we now have to examine that notification. While we do that, we will not answer questions about the case, says Jesper Tengroth, press manager at the Swedish Migration Agency.

    At the same time, he says that it is important to underline that a child is never deported unless there is an “orderly reception.”

    – This primarily means that a parent or other relative can receive the child. If this is not possible, the child can be taken in by social authorities. Should it be shown that it is missing, the case could be tried again, says Tengroth.