Linn Svahn’s new plan to become the world’s best skier – she taps into the big success trick in Norway: “Exciting”

Many Norwegian sports have achieved great success with the success trick.
Now Linn Svahn must do the same to become the world’s best skier.
– We are going to try it with Linn during the summer, ski coach Ola Ravald admits to lä

The last ski season was Linn Svahns big comeback as a skier. After struggling for two years to get rid of injury concerns, she got into super shape during the winter and returned to the top of the world again.

Svahn’s success

When the sprint specialist took her first World Cup victory in over 1,000 days during the Tour de Ski, she really shifted gears. Svahn lined up winning runs and won the overall Sprint Cup and also came second in the overall World Cup.

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231023 Linn Svahn, skier, poses for a portrait during a kick-off meeting organized by the Swedish Ski Association on October 23, 2023 in Stockholm. Photo: Maxim Thoré / BILDBYRÅN / code MT / MT0483

Now she will take it to the next level and become the world’s best skier next season. Swedes are now going to catch on to the big success trend that started in Norway, far from skiing.

Hooks on the trend

The Norwegian runner Marius Bakken was one of the first to start using double threshold sessions in his everyday training, and it had an immediate effect. Also the brothers Ingebrigtsen and the Swedish runner Andreas Almgren have achieved great success with the new training method.
— I have no idea how all skiers train, but in general you can perhaps say that we are a bit old-fashioned and conservative when it comes to training in skiing. And I think what is happening with training in athletics is exciting. Then there are clear differences between running and skiing. But I think it is possible to develop more than what we did, says Svahn’s personal trainer Ola Ravald to
– I know that the Norwegian men in the IBU Cup on the men’s side last season ran some double threshold during the season, and it was something that they got a lot of effect from. If we take Johan Olav Botn, who has incredibly high speed in the track, we saw him run threshold sessions in the afternoons after he competed in the morning.

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240324 Linn Svahn celebrates after competing in the women’s sprint in cross-country skiing during day 5 of the SC week on March 24, 2024 in Boden. Photo: Simon Eliasson / BILDBYRÅN / COP 159 / SE0235

Double threshold sessions mean that the athletes train two speed sessions on the same day at threshold intensity. The aim is to get an increased amount of quality training that is not interval loading and Svahn will now test the success trick during the pre-season to get faster for the coming season.
– Yes, we have a plan to add double threshold days and possibly also blocks with double thresholds for Linn now during the summer to try this. There may be some advantages to winning on “pass 2” in the afternoon based on what you did in training in the morning, Ravald tells the ski site.

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55-year-old Ola Ravald is a coach in both cross-country skiing and biathlon in Sweden and previously worked for the Norwegian national team. He explains the plan in more detail for the more geeky ski enthusiasts.
– As the idea is now, in that case it is about putting this in during the build-up period and then I think we will run two or in some cases three “double threshold days” per week. This can mean days where, for example, we skate for 45-50 minutes effective threshold intensity time in the morning and then either a block session, or for that matter running or classic in the afternoon. Also this between 45-50 minutes effective time. This means that it will be between 1.5-2 hours per day. And then it is very important that the load is not too high, so on those sessions I think it is important that we do lactate tests to make sure that the load is at the right level, he says in the interview.

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