Linn Svahn’s honest words about the unexpected move with the boyfriend – now explains the decision that everyone is reacting to: “It’s just embarrassing”

Linn Svahn keeps her boyfriend a secret.
Now she talks about the decision.
– It’s just embarrassing otherwise, the star tells Expressen.

Linn Svahn has been this winter’s big giant in the Swedish national skiing team. She won the overall Sprint Cup, but was also close to threatening Jessie Diggins in the overall World Cup, and had it not been for the points system being changed in the World Cup, we would have had our first Swedish overall winner this winter.

The decision with the boyfriend

Linn Svahn’s success has been well-deserved. She had a lot of time ruined by a serious shoulder injury a few years ago, but has battled back and is now just as dominant as we’ve come to expect. In total, there were 43 competitive starts in the World Cup this winter for Svahn, who once again cemented his place as one of Sweden’s biggest sports stars.

But despite that, she chooses to keep large parts of her private life secret. Svahn, for example, does few interviews and reports from her home, and her boyfriend is kept secret, and it will remain so.

– That’s how we want it. Everyone knows about it anyway, that’s enough, says Linn Svahn to Expressen.

“Just think it’s embarrassing”

Linn Svahn believes that she, and her boyfriend, like to avoid headlines about love within the national ski team, and she will continue to protect her integrity on that track.

– Everyone can do what they want. But I just think it’s embarrassing when there are articles after articles about “Love couples in the national team”, about “The boyfriend is doing it”, or “They have broken up”, she says.

240315 Linn Svahn of Sweden celebrates on the podium after the Women’s Sprint final during the FIS Cross-Country World Cup on March 15, 2024 in Falun. Photo: Simon Hastegård / BILDBYRÅN / code SH / SH0474

Linn Svahn says at the same time that she is grateful that people respect her and her partner’s decisions. But she believes that it can change later, if something changes…

– But we’ll see. When he proposes, maybe it can’t be hidden anymore?, she says.

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