Linn Persson is poked in the Biathlon World Cup – is not allowed to represent Sweden

World Championship bronze last year and third in the Sprint Cup – but outside the team running Friday’s sprint.
These are tough bids for Linn Persson.
– Mona and Anna have shown good form and are ready, says national team coach Johannes Lukas.

Mona’s last name is Brorsson and Anna’s name is Magnusson. Together with the sisters Elvira Öberg and Hanna Öberg they run the sprint at the Biathlon World Cup in Nove Mesto on late Friday afternoon.

John Luke had a tough choice. All five shooters are in the top 19 in the sprint cup. The worst is Hanna Öberg, but she took silver in Oberhof last year and is judged to have a rising form curve.

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Mona Brorsson came second in Ruhpolding in the sprint in January, a career best individually for her. Anna Magnusson was fourth in the sprint in Oberhof in January.

It trumped Lynn Persson who feels the operation in her shoulder when she competes.
– It is an overall decision based on the last few weeks in the World Cup. Mona and Anna have great results, so it’s hard not to line up with them. It is a strength we have with so many talented active members, says Johannes Lukas.

And adds:
– It is also a difficult decision, but I like to make difficult decisions, then we have a good team.

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231124 Mona Brorsson of Sweden during a training session ahead of the IBU World Cup on November 24, 2023 in Östersund. Photo: Petter Arvidson / BILDBYRÅN / code PA / PA0692

Sebastian Samuelsson, Martin Ponsiluoma, Jesper Nelin and Viktor Brandt. It will be the Swedish quartet in the men’s sprint on Saturday. Johannes Lukas chooses Brandt before more experienced ones Peppe Femling – and also because Femling feels a slight cold.

Debut for Brandt

A WC debut awaits Brandt.
– Exciting and very fun, of course. It has been a bit uncertain when you are allowed to start, if you are allowed to start. It will be great fun to drive. I want to do a good race according to my conditions, says Brandt.

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The Swedish biathletes started the championship by taking bronze in Wednesday’s mixed relay.
– I feel well, but am a little tired. It wasn’t a perfect night’s sleep, now it’s time to recharge the batteries, says Martin Ponsiluoma, who drove the second leg.

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