Linda, 32, suffered a stroke during childbirth

Giving birth is a life-changing moment.
That was also the case for Linda Idebäck – but not in the way you might imagine. At the age of 29, Linda had a severe stroke in connection with the birth of her second child.

– We were told that basically the entire left hemisphere of the brain was gone, where both speech and the ability to understand speech are located. So she might not understand us, says her husband Johan Idebäck.

Before the stroke, Linda loved to talk, politics was a favorite subject and she enjoyed discussing with family and friends. Today, she struggles, together with her husband Johan, to be able to express herself again and also tries to get back as much physical and motor skills as possible.

– If you look back just one year in time, there is an insanely big difference, says Johan.

“The face was completely expressionless”

After Linda’s first pregnancy, a hidden heart defect was found and there was a risk that she would bleed during the delivery of her second child. But the birth was initially problem-free, it was only when they had to operate to remove the placenta that did not detach that problems arose.

– I understood that something had happened because I had to wait for several hours. When I saw her, her face was completely stiff and no one said what if had happened, says Johan.

It turned out that Linda had suffered a stroke, albeit a relatively minor one. But it would be worse. Johan woke up to the sound and realized that it was the bed that shook in time with Linda’s convulsing body, and the whole room was filled with doctors.

– I had to leave the room, but I remember hearing them start the defibrillator, he says.

A dozen or so clots had released and Linda was sent to the University Hospital in Linköping. There, there is close telephone contact with Johan and with Linda’s family, who learn that the hospital staff saved Linda’s life several times.

– We were told that basically the entire left hemisphere of the brain was gone and then you didn’t know who would wake up, says Johan.

“Why me”

At first Linda couldn’t get out of bed or talk. One of the first words she relearned was “Johan”. When Linda is asked if she was scared when she woke up, she nods and the answer is clear.

– Yes, she says.

– At the beginning you wondered why you were affected. Maybe you still think that way?, says Johan and turns to Linda questioningly.

Another clear answer from Linda.

– Yes, she says, nodding.

Life goes on

But despite the great challenges that Linda and the whole family face, life goes on. Ida and Johan spend their alone time together by having coffee, talking and watching series. For the children, Johan has explained at their level what has happened.

– So they can explain to their friends at preschool why their mother is not like other mothers, says Johan.

When life feels bleak, Ida and Johan usually try to think that there are many years left to live and look at how much progress Ida is constantly making. When Linda is asked what her driving force is, the answer comes quickly.

– Alva, Freja and Johan, she says.

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Suffered a stroke during childbirth – her daughters motivate her

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