Like Russia, Belarus will now do without McDonald’s

Like Russia Belarus will now do without McDonalds

It’s Belarus’ turn to move on to a replacement for McDonald’s. The brand had already left Russia, like dozens of other Western brands last March (Coca-Cola, H&M, Ikea, etc.), in reaction to the Russian offensive against Ukraine on February 24.

From our correspondent in Moscow,

As in Russia, the franchise restaurants of the famous American burger will take over the concept. And as in Russia, it is the chain “Vkusno i tochka”, which can be translated as “delicious, a point that’s all”, which will officiate.

In Russia, it’s been like this since June 12. In Belarus, it will start next Tuesday, and it will go very well, says the strong man from Minsk.

Mocking, Alexander Lukashenko spoke this Friday, November 18 in front of an audience of employees in the agri-food sector.

Some, especially among the young people, began to moan: “Ah! McDonald’s is leaving! Me, on my side, I think: “Thank God, let them go!” We ourselves have to do what this McDonald’s was doing, and even do it better. We also know how to cut a loaf in half and stuff a piece of meat, fries and salad inside.

In clothing stores in Russia, there are also now Belarusian brands, while others, more and more numerous, are trying out imitations of Ikea.

The authorities regularly communicate and announce future installations. Malls that no longer have Western shops could see the arrival of Turkish and Indian brands.

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