Liamoo and Maria Sur continue to the final in Melodifestivalen

Liamoo dedicated the victory to his daughter who was there and had a hard time describing the feeling of winning with the most votes of all.

– It is impossible to describe that feeling. It feels fantastic to be able to do this in my hometown and to be able to sing a song called Dragon during the year of the dragon.

During his performance, there were, among other things, large pillars of fire that flared up and Liamoo confirmed that it was hot on stage.

– It’s very hot, even if you sit at the back of the arena you can feel the heat and I’m standing in the middle of the stage.

It was the fourth time that Liamoo went straight to the final, and commentator Ronny Larsson noted that Liamoo had competed in the second dolphin final each time.

Maria Sur on again

The Ukrainian Maria Sur went to the final for the second year in a row. This time she sang the song “When I’m Gone”, which was poppier than last year’s ballad.

– I’m feeling amazing, thank you so much! said a very happy Maria Sur after the program.

Miss Snusk and Dear Sara went on to the finals. For Engmans Kapell and C Joe, the competition ended in Gothenburg.

Lotta Engberg and Kristian Luuk declared icons

With “Fyra Bugg & en Coca Cola” Lotta Engberg won the Melodifestivalen in 1987 and during the program she was inducted into the “Melodifestivalen Hall of Fame 2024”. Viewers also got to hear a new version of the classic song performed by Viktor Norén and Klubben.

– I have wanted to join this club for a long time, said Lotta Engberg.

Kristian Luuk was also inducted into the Hall of Fame for his efforts as a presenter in 2007 and 2008. He was awarded both the golden award and a funny speech of thanks by a reluctant Björn Gustafsson.

– It will stand next to the Grammy we got for the Hassan records, Kristian Luuk said about the award.