LG Introduces New 97-inch M3 OLED TV at CES 2023

LG Introduces New 97 inch M3 OLED TV at CES 2023

Mounting a TV to the wall, especially this TV 97 inches When it does, it’s not easy at all. However LG‘s new Signature OLED M Series TVcan make this task much easier.

Massive 4K OLED TV, Using LG’s Zero Connect wireless technology It effectively eliminates the need for AV cables running from AV receivers, set-top boxes, soundbars or game consoles to the TV.

As long as the OLED M3 has power, it doesn’t need any other wires. LG, It showcased the M3 for the first time at CES 2023 but didn’t offer any details on price or availability.

M3’s wireless connection Zero Connect box supported by. LG says the new box will have “multiple” ports for connecting devices, but doesn’t specify how many and what kind.

So any AV device you want to use with the M3, from game consoles to streaming media players, ses and video signals wirelessly It plugs into the Zero Connect box transmitting to the M3.

LG says you can send video up to 4K at 120Hz, a critical feature for those planning to use the M3 for gaming. The entire show can be controlled with voice commands, but LG said the M3’s Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa It didn’t specify whether it would support third-party AI systems such as:

When mounted on the wall, LG’s new G3 OLED evo Thanks to LG’s new Single Wall Design, a feature it shares with its TV, the M3 will effectively be flush with the wall. According to the company One Wall Design, it leaves no visible gap between the TV and the wall.