LFI makes a request to Darmanin for the June vote

LFI makes a request to Darmanin for the June vote

Manuel Bompard sent a letter to the Ministry of the Interior asking it to organize a campaign for incorrectly registered and unregistered voters.

Less than four months before the European elections, La France insoumise is trying to tackle a concrete cause of abstention: the numerous people not registered or incorrectly registered on the electoral lists. As of May 3, these people will be unable to vote in the European elections, scheduled for June 9. INSEE estimated in 2022 that seven million French people were incorrectly registered on the lists. If we add those not registered, LFI estimates that 20% of citizens of voting age are not correctly registered on the lists.

This is why Manuel Bompard, in a letter addressed Wednesday February 14 to Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin, and relayed on the social networks of La France insoumise, calls on the government to organize a “national registration campaign”. The party coordinator “solemnly requests that major action be taken to allow as many of our compatriots as possible to participate in the elections.”

Risk of “censal” suffrage?

Bompard suggests to the Ministry of the Interior, in charge of organizing the polls, an operation that could involve an “advertising campaign” of “reminder letters” or even the mobilization of “door-to-door teams”. The rebellious MP also defends some simplifications in the use of the electoral registration website.

“An election in which a number of voters cannot vote due to their non-registration or poor registration clearly has a census character,” denounces the rebellious deputy.