Les Flammes: all you need to know about the “ceremony of popular cultures”

Les Flammes all you need to know about the ceremony

The first Flames ceremony, which wishes to reflect all musical cultures, will be held in May 2023.

A popular culture ceremony: such is the ambition of Les Flammes, the first awards evening dedicated to artists from all walks of life, including rappers. If the latter are indeed the biggest sellers of the French music industry, many voices are raised to denounce their absence in traditional ceremonies, such as the Victoires de la Musique or the NRJ Music Awards. Also, Les Flammes, (first) edition 2023, will therefore be held on May 11, at the Théâtre du Chatelet, in Paris.

21 trophies will be awarded to the artists, corresponding to the categories of this ceremony, organized by the media Yard and Booska-P, in partnership with the platform Spotify. As for the votes, they are shared between the public and a “joint jury, made up of industry professionals”, say the organizers. In each of the categories, the names of the artists in competition will soon be communicated. For now, only the first names are known.

Categories of the Les Flammes ceremony

For this ceremony, intended to celebrate popular cultures, 21 categories are announced by the organizers of the Flames. Here are the ones that have already been published:

The categories whose winner will be determined by the public:

  • The Spotify Flame for Album of the Year
  • Rap Album of the Year
  • New Pop Album of the Year
  • Piece of the year
  • Featuring of the year
  • Rap Performance Track of the Year
  • R&B Song of the Year
  • Afro or Afro-Inspired Song of the Year
  • Caribbean or Caribbean-Inspired Song of the Year
  • Female Revelation of the Year
  • Male Revelation of the Year
  • music video of the year
  • album cover of the year

The categories whose winner will be determined by the jury:

  • Female Artist of the Year
  • Male Artist of the Year
  • Composer of the Year
  • Gig of the year
  • The Eternal Flame
  • Social commitment of the year
  • label of the year
  • Album Launch Strategy of the Year