Leonardo, contract for the sale of a further 18 helicopters to Austria

Leonardo contract for the sale of a further 18 helicopters

(Tiper Stock Exchange) – Leonardobig Italian defense, and the General Secretariat of Defense-National Armaments Directorate have signed a contract to exercise options for additional AW169M LUH helicopters destined for Austria. The contract, dated value of 304 million euros for a further 18 helicopterswas signed as part of the amendment to the Italy-Austria G2G Agreement signed last December 2022 and brings the total number of AW169M LUHs for the Austrian Ministry of Defense to 36.

The AW169M LUH will be able to perform a wide range of missions to support the needs of the Austrian defense and the national community such as troop transport, combat, civil protection, response to major emergencies, firefighting, mountain rescue and medical assistance.