Lenovo moves to 12th generation Intel Core processors

He added that this is possible because the supply chain has improved significantly recently. That said, the supply of certain laptop models will still be limited.

In other words, we don’t know exactly which models don’t suffer from component shortages. That said, we can expect a lot of PCs from gaming laptops and lightweight laptops with Team Blue’s latest 12th Gen Core processors. Recently, the company launched a new YOGA Duet 20212-in-1 Windows 11 laptop that has been out of stock for a long time. Therefore, it seems that the supply chain has really improved.

Unfortunately, the senior official declined to reveal other details about these upcoming laptops. As such, we have no way of knowing what specs and features it might ship with. So stay tuned for more, we’ll provide updates if the company makes fun of new laptops or any official announcements are made. Let’s see how the new computers will react in the market.

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