Leif GW Persson on the murder at Västermalmsgalleria: Strange

Two brothers were convicted of stabbing two men with a knife each. The evidence has gaps and one brother says he stabbed both men, even the one who died. An act his older brother is convicted of – to 16 years in prison.

TV4 Nyheterna has reviewed the case at the Västermalmsgalleria in Stockholm where the little brother Tigh O’Connell, convicted of attempted murder, says that he was the one who stabbed the man who died.

– My brother should not have to sit in prison for 16 years for something I have done, he says from inside the prison.

Laughs at the question about the evidence

The criminologist Leif GW Persson has looked into the case and TV4 Nyheterna review.

– It is a strange story. After all, they have been sentenced for this and the sentence has gained legal force. What makes it all worse is that the younger brother claims that he was the one who attacked them both with a knife. He takes on the entire deed, he says in Nyhetsmorgon.

When asked if it was robust evidence that was presented in the district court and the Court of Appeal, GW laughs.

– No, not as the verdict looks. In dark moments for me, it seems to me that you almost have to beat yourself up to make what is presented in court agree with what they are being sentenced for. Because there are other and far more likely explanations and they are quite close to what this younger brother says, he says.

Surveillance images are missing

He points to a specific bloodstain from the evidence that raises questions and may indicate the direction of travel.

– When you stab someone with a knife like that, blood doesn’t start spraying about them immediately. Because when they move… First, they have clothes on their bodies, the only blood that comes out is what comes with the knife when you pull it back. It is very little. It is the first drop of blood we have, it has ended up a few meters from where the injection was administered, he says.

A major gap in the evidence presented is footage from a surveillance camera that is completely missing.

– So you have images from a surveillance camera of exactly the seven seconds when the stab would have been handed out outside the sidewalk on the street. But those images are not included, that frame rate is frozen. It is very strange, a mystery. It shouldn’t happen. The malicious interpretation, which I do not want to make, I emphasize, is that someone has deleted that sequence, says Leif GW Persson.

Was the right brother convicted?

Liam O’Connell was jailed for 16 years for murder after a knife attack, despite his younger brother Tigh saying he delivered the fatal stab.