LEGO Fortnite teases sharing a home with animals, fuels players’ imaginations

Two short videos tease new content for LEGO Fortnite. You can find out what you can look forward to with the new update here.

With a new update, the aspect of farming in LEGO Fortnite could be expanded even further. Two short clips now tease what players can look forward to. However, there has not yet been a clear confirmation of the new content from the official side.

What content was teased? In two short videos on X (formerly Twitter), LEGO Fortnite teases the opportunity for players to befriend animals and then let them live in their base. In the clip you can see a sheep being petted and looking quite intimate with the character.

It also briefly zooms in on a dialogue that says: “[…] whether they want to live with us…” The character then jumps into the air for joy. It is therefore quite likely that the animals will be able to live in your base after the update.

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Build a stable and enclosure for your new roommates

Another clip on the official LEGO Fortnite X account shows the player building a stable and an enclosure for the animals in his base. The new update will probably expand farming and animal husbandry to do much more than just offer animals that can then live with you.

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What does the community say? The possibility of keeping animals in their base in the future already seems to excite many players. At least that’s what the reactions in the comments under the short teaser suggest.

Some players let their imagination run wild and imagine which animals they would like to have live in their base. In his comment, one user even asked for a horse and saddle so that he could ride around the area in the future.

Another player would like to have little Lego pigs in the game so that he could then build what he describes as a “child-friendly” slaughterhouse. What exactly that should look like is probably left to the imagination of each individual.

Which animals would you allow to live in your base? Feel free to write in the comments.

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