Legendary Game FIFA Developer is 2K, Here are the Details!

Legendary Game FIFA Developer is 2K Here are the Details

The FIFA series developed by EA may now be developed by another game studio. According to the latest news, the developer of the legendary game FIFA may be 2K. As known Electronic Arts The agreement with FIFA was not renewed and the series continued under the name “FC”. The legendary series may now be in the hands of 2K. Here are the leaks on the subject…

Legendary Game FIFA Developer Becomes 2K

According to information revealed by a game retailer, a new partnership is emerging between FIFA and 2K. As is known, EA, the developer of FIFA, did not renew the license and continued the series under the name FC. gaming company Electronic Arts He had previously declared that he would continue this legendary series without a license. However, according to the latest news, things have changed.

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In the first months of this year, it was heard that 2K and FIFA had some negotiations. Insider Gaming is also working on a licensed FIFA game in this regard. 2K’s partnership with FIFA He said he planned it. Now this news has arrived and as you can see, they are all compatible with each other. So, although there is no official statement yet, it seems that the FIFA series will be continued by 2K.

The game retailer that revealed the leak shared it on the X platform. The notification in question reads: “2K has received the official license from FIFA to create the next FIFA video game! The partnership has been confirmed and 2K will develop a new football game series. FIFA 2K25 will be released this year, just in time for FIFA World Cup 2K26! Get ready for FIFA 2K25!” The lyrics are included. Relating to x share is as follows:

FIFA’s new developer It will be 2K In addition to the news about the game, there is also information that 2K’s first FIFA game, FIFA 2K25, will be released in 2024. It is not known how 2K will develop the game in such a long time, but the rumors are in this direction. It is not known yet whether the game will be released this year or not, but the fact that there will be a new rival to the EA-made FC football series has excited game lovers. In this context, as competitors Konami’s eFootball series there was; Now the number of competitors is increasing, which is a very exciting development.

Competition Is Intensifying Between Football Games

For a long time football game The new rival to FC, which has monopolized its category, so to speak, will be FIFA. EA’s recent release EA Sports FC 24 The game reached 11.3 million players in its first week of release. The number of players FIFA reached in the same period last year was 10.3 million. Even though EA does not license FIFA A great success with FC got it.

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As a result of the agreement between 2K and FIFA, it can be said that a great competition is starting. 2K, FIFA 2K25 It is expected to be an exciting time in the gaming world when it is released and football game enthusiasts are very excited about it. The football game clash between the two most prestigious game companies in the world is eagerly awaited.