Lee Christiernsson’s revelation about his love life – live

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Lee Christiernsson, 48, formerly Björn, has in the past month shared this true side of himself. We got to meet the real person who hid in Björn’s body. She has shared in a documentary on TV4 called “To be Lee” about the journey to where she is today, which has been met with love from the Swedish people.

During the morning, Lee visited Sveriges Radio to do an interview with Linnea Wikblad37, and David Druid, 38, in Morgonpasset in P3. Before the visit, Lee published a picture in which she said that she was excited but above participating in radio programs.

Lee Christiernsson on depression

Lee shares his experience and talks about the tough steps he has taken to get to where he is today. The profile tells us that she has lived like a chameleon all her life and can finally breathe. However, the profile tells us that the depression that occurred before Lee accepted her true self, could have resulted in her not being alive today.

– The fact that I didn’t accidentally take my own life was just luck. If you end up in such a situation, you are so broken that your brain doesn’t work, says Lee in the interview in Morgonpasset in P3.

Lee Christiernsson during the interview in Morgonpasset in P3. Image source: morgonpassetip3/InstagramLee Christiernsson about love life

During the interview, David asks if people are hacking into Lee’s Instagram inbox, to which Lee quickly replies that it hasn’t happened. The question then develops and David asks how Lee’s love life is going and gets an answer…

— Yes, it may be secret, but it is very economical. The focus has not been there.