Leaves giants like Nvidia, Amazon and Alphabet behind

Leaves giants like Nvidia Amazon and Alphabet behind

Nvidia, which continues to be the biggest name in the graphics card market, leaves giants such as Amazon and Alphabet in terms of “value”. left.

Nvidia recently managed to surpass the market value of Amazon and Alphabet. Currently, Nvidia is the fourth most valuable company in the world, and in recent years It has achieved an incredible upward momentum both in the graphics card market and with its server-side solutions that power artificial intelligence systems. Nvidia’s specially prepared GPU units are used in the servers that power many productive artificial intelligence systems, especially ChatGPT, and those special solutions of the company are literally sold out. Nvidia had previously made it available as a demo. Chat with RTX He made a splash with his system called. This system allows people to run large language models, which are at the center of systems such as LLM, or ChatGPT, on their own PCs. The system prepared specifically for offline user experience, In addition to the RTX 40 series, it also supports RTX 30 series graphics cards.. The infrastructure, where 8 GB VRAM is sufficient to use, is quite well found in Meta. Llama 2 can also run its LLM onboard.


The application (downloading), which takes up between 50 GB and 100 GB depending on the model chosen, does not offer an experience as advanced as ChatGPT or Google Gemini (Formerly known as Bard), but due to its offline structure it can be used for many different operations. becomes a safer option. You can watch the promotional video right below. Chat with RTXcan generate answers by analyzing entered text files, or can quickly answer questions asked about the video by analyzing linked YouTube videos. The system that manages to attract attention and reveals great potential from here you can reach.