Leaders of Muslim countries accused Western countries of burning Korans

Leaders of Muslim countries accused Western countries of burning Korans

According to Erdogan, the “plague” of racism has reached intolerable levels.

Leaders of Muslim countries scolded Western countries for the recent burning of Korans at the UN General Assembly in New York. The leaders condemned the actions defended by freedom of speech as discriminatory.

For example, the Muslim holy book has been burned several times in Sweden. The country’s government has condemned the acts, but says it cannot stop acts protected by freedom of speech laws. At least one Iraqi has voraciously burned Korans Salwan Momika.

President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said that terrorists roam the streets of Stockholm freely, and that Turkey cannot ratify Sweden’s NATO membership until Sweden keeps its promises.

Erdogan told the General Assembly on Tuesday that a “plague” of racism is spreading in Western countries.

– It has reached intolerable levels, the Turkish president said.

– Unfortunately, populist politicians in many countries continue to play with fire by encouraging such dangerous trends, Erdogan continued.

His along with it The condition for Sweden’s acceptance of membership is, among other things, that terrorist organizations stop their demonstrations on the streets of Stockholm.

The President of Iran also brought up the Koran in the General Assembly Ebrahim Raisi, who accused the West of diverting attention with freedom of speech and Islamophobia. Raisi also brought up France’s controversial ban on Muslim girls wearing hijab headscarves in schools.

A year ago, 22 years old Mahsa Amini died after being arrested by the chastity police in Iran’s capital Tehran for wearing a scarf incorrectly. Amin’s death was followed by widespread protests that were brutally suppressed.

Source: AFP