Léa Elui creates a summer collection with this French lingerie brand

Lea Elui creates a summer collection with this French lingerie

At 22, the Parisian Léa Elui has created a veritable empire on social networks. The one who started in 2015 on the Musical.ly platform becomes, in 2019, the most followed French influencer on the Internet. For summer 2023, she signs a summer collaboration with a well-known ready-to-wear brand. This social media superstar shares the secrets behind this exclusive collection and her favorite summer fashion trends.

Star of social networks since his adolescence, Lea Elui imagined a capsule collection of swimwear and accessories with Etam. On the program: bohemian inspirations and glamorous cuts, exactly what we need for the summer. A limited edition collaboration already available in stores and on the Etam e-shop. It was on this occasion that The Women’s Journal spoke with the influencer. Encounter.

Journal des Femmes: How was this collaboration with Etam initiated?
Leah Elui: First I started by being invited to fashion shows, then, during the show Dance with the stars, the brand contacted me with this collaborative project. We met several times to design the collection. Teams really got me leave alone carte blanchewhich I found very interesting. When other brands simply offered to choose from a selection of clothing already produced, Etam left it up to me to decide.are materialsof the colorsof the cuts I wanted for the swimsuits and accessories for our capsule.

What were your inspirations during the creative process?
I spend a lot of time on pinterest, so I was inspired by photos I had already recorded. I also have a large collection of swimsuits in which I immersed myself to determine the shapes I prefer, the most comfortable materials, those that highlight… I also had swimsuit models in mind, which I had imagined and that I wanted to be able to wear.

What is your favorite piece in this exclusive capsule collection?
I really like it one-piece bathing suit. However, I never wear one. But this one is really very beautiful, covering, but equipped with a slightly sexy slit and a graphic ring. I also really like the crochet bikini.

Tell us about the shooting of the collection…
It was at Bahamian in January and it went really well. I’m used to shoots where the team asks me to be very serious. There, it was quite the opposite. I had to laugh, to be me, so it was really fun. It’s very different from what I’m used to doing: being on the beach, running, playing with water… It was so cool!

What is your relationship to fashion?
Originally, I really like the american style, the slightly flashy clothes, the big joggings. I still wear them, but I’ve also adopted blazers, outfits, suits…

How would you describe your style?
Growing up, it expanded and became a bit more street chic. But in truth I am a chameleonI dress according to my mood and I try, most of the time, to choose the most comfortable possible. It is now my number one criterion of choice, whereas before, I thought that dressing well necessarily meant wearing uncomfortable clothes.

What are your wardrobe essentials?
A blazer oversize black and another beige, a Low waist jeans slightly flared at the bottom, long sleeve tops in white, black and grey, as well as a trench for spring.

Crochet two-piece swimsuit by Etam x Léa Elui © Etam x Léa Elui

You are going on vacation in the sun. What’s in your suitcase?
The day, I like be comfortable : a swimsuit, small shorts, a loose linen shirt and the small crochet bag from the Etam x Léa Elui collection. It is very practical and goes with everything! For The eveninga long burgundy dress in elastic material, comfortable and becoming, with small heels.

What are your eco-responsible fashion reflexes?
I changed my way consume. I try to shop less in fast fashion and invest in pieces that last rather than buying lots of them at low prices. I also give a lot to associations and I organize contests on my Instagram account to win makeup for my subscribers!