Law students can win a prize for their involvement in the Fosen case

More than two years ago, the Supreme Court in Norway ruled that the country committed a violation of international law when the wind farm in Fosen was built in the middle of reindeer pasture.

Since then, the government has allowed the wind farm to remain, which has led to large demonstrations in Oslo.

And just over a month ago, law students in the country submitted a petition to Oil and Energy Minister Terje Aasland with almost 1,000 signatures.

The students demand that the government respect the Rule of Law (that law and law must be interpreted by the courts and that it is the courts that decide legal issues) and the Principle of Separation of Powers.

Now the students have been nominated for “name of the year in the academic world” which is awarded by Khrono which is an independent news magazine for higher education and research.

With the award, they want to recognize someone who, by virtue of their opinions or actions, has sparked important debates within or outside the academy.

A total of 35 proposals have been nominated, three finalists must then be selected before a winner is presented on 14 December.