Lavoro, Marciani: “Enterprise networks are crucial for relaunching youth employment”

Lavoro Marciani Enterprise networks are crucial for relaunching youth employment

(Finance) – “The importance of business networks which in a city like Naples are crucial for the revival of the economy and the attention for the villages which can characterize the revaluation of the many artistic and characteristic qualities that exist, constitute a fundamental theme for our city, both to bring young people closer to the world of work and to carry on our traditions as a driving force for the economy”. She stated it Chiara Marciani, Councilor for Labor of the Municipality of Naples, occurred during the conference “Production networks and districts. Organizational tools and models to support the development of Neapolitan villages and excellence”promoted byOrder of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts of Naples chaired by Eraldo Turi.

Support for business networks was also reaffirmed by Valeria Ciarambino, vice president of the Campania Regional Council. “I have been working to accelerate the financing of business districts which are a mode of public-private interaction and where commerce – he said Ciarambino – is related to urban development. Likewise, I contributed to the financing for the creation of a district of the sea with 900 thousand euros. The ‘blue economy’ is a sector that has enormous potential in our region. But there is another theme that is close to my heart and that is the valorisation of the artisan production excellences of our territory. In the latest budget law, I presented an agenda, approved unanimously, to relaunch piazza Mercato which has been the commercial and cultural center of our city since the Angevin era, which has experienced a period of decay, and instead represents an opportunity both in terms of the development of artisanal production activities, I am thinking of textiles and the goldsmith’s art, but also from the point of view of another place for tourism”.

Second Vincenzo Tiby, councilor of the Odcec of Naples“the Order has set up a special commission to favor and promote aggregations. We hope to have answers from politics on these issues to propose modern and efficient organizational models, which today we apply to Neapolitan villages of entrepreneurial excellence, capable of combating entrepreneurial dwarfism made up of many micro-enterprises that need adequate sharing of skills”.

Marilena Nasti, adviser to Neapolitan accountants, he underlined how “talking about business excellence must be included in the path of the Pnrr funds which can support these initiatives with various measures. Measures dedicated to the villages and the excellences of Campania that help many territories to revitalize and be reborn”.

Getting business districts off the ground is the priority for Ciro Fiola, president of the Chamber of Commerce of Naples. “I strongly believe in this instrument launched with a regional law. But – he said Fiola – you have to believe it. We are willing to support this process with 5 million euros. But a greater economic effort is needed by the other institutions. Only in this way will we be able to revive the villages and the excellences of our region”.

“We have a dream in the drawer – he said Gianni Lepre, president of the Networks and Production Districts commission of Odcec Naples – that of restoring vitality to the ancient villages of the Campania capital. The craft ones such as Borgo Orefici, San Gregorio Armeno, piazza Mercato, the Rione Sanità which were the economic driving force of our city and which must be reborn through shops open to tourists and school shops which give young people the opportunity to learn ancient trades which are the pride of the our made in Italy”.

“We have repeatedly raised the issue of the importance of revitalizing internal areas which – he declared Antonio Lopes (Svimez) – must be framed in a broader economic policy plan with investments in the productive sectors and in the context of transport infrastructures”.

Giovanni Tomo, president of the Odcec Naples territorial marketing commissionfinally highlighted that “there are two strategic levers such as territorial cohesion and the analysis of the context and territories, to fully implement marketing and development policies”.