launch of GC7, project to fight AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis

launch of GC7 project to fight AIDS malaria and tuberculosis

The Congolese government and several partners launched a project called GC7 on February 7, intended to fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. The funding, estimated at 90.4 million euros, will be provided by the Global Fund to fight these three pathologies.

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With our correspondent in Brazzaville, Loicia Martial

It was in the conference room of a large hotel on the square that Gilbert Mokoki, Minister of Health, launched this three-year project, in front of several partners such as the Global Fund, the UNDP and Catholic Relief Services (CRS). ).

The funding provided should make it possible to care for an additional 85,000 people living with HIV/AIDS and 27,000 others suffering from tuberculosis. But also to distribute at least 4 million mosquito nets to fight against malaria, the leading cause of mortality in Congo.

Malaria spares no one, from the simplest to the oldest; even if we are talking about women and children who pay the heaviest burden. Everyone is affected. And malaria must be everyone’s business when it comes to fighting », Said Dr Antoine Loussambou, director of the national malaria control program.

For Dr Antoine Loussambou, the fight against malaria begins with sanitation: “ The fight against malaria is primarily preventive. The cure can come later. African and Congolese citizens must understand that by cleaning up their surroundings, we fight against malaria. “, he advised.

Officially, until 2023, the Global Fund has provided 200 million euros to fight against the three scourges in Congo.