Latest news – Zelenskyy: in 2023 we will win the war

Latest news Zelenskyy in 2023 we will win the
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Zelenskyy: In 2023 we will win the war

31 December 2022 at 23.35 Lina Thorén

New Year’s celebrations in Sophia Square in Kyiv – before the city was shaken by new Russian bomb attacks on New Year’s Eve. Photo: Roman Hrytsyna/AP

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy greeted the New Year with a prediction: That Ukraine will win the war against invading Russia.

“Today there is only one wish. And it will come true not through a miracle but through our work, our struggle, mutual aid and humanity. Happy New Year! The year of our victory.”

In his New Year’s greeting, Zelensky also said that “light can be found in everyone – even when there is no electricity”.

Cheering words to all Ukrainians celebrating the new year without electricity after the Russian attacks of the last few weeks knocked out large parts of the electricity grid.

Here you can read more about the state of war.

Latest news

  • Canceled departures due to staff shortages

    There is reduced traffic on the subway’s red and green lines during New Year’s Eve due to staff shortages, SL announces on its website.

    They warn that the trains can get crowded during the night.

  • E6 closed after accident

    A car with three people in it overturned off the E6 at the Borgeby traffic stop outside Löddeköpinge, reports South Sweden.

    No one is expected to be seriously injured, but the road is completely closed to southbound traffic.

    The rescue work is expected to last at least until 23:30 according to the Swedish Transport Administration.

  • Several robots fired from North Korea

    The light of a South Korean rocket over Goynang yesterday. Photo: Ahn Young-joon/AP/TT

    The South Korean military warns that several ballistic missiles have been fired from Pyongyang towards the Sea of ​​Japan during the day.

    During the week, the North Korean military carried out several robot tests and also flew drones across the border with South Korea.

    South Korea has responded to the provocations by sending its own drones over North Korean areas.

    Tensions on the Korean Peninsula have been rising throughout 2022.

  • An injured person in a scooter accident

    One person has been injured in a scooter accident outside Järpen in Jämtland.

    – It is a scooter that has collided with a tree, a post or something similar, says the internal commander of the rescue service, Henrik Jönsson, to Östersunds-Posten.

    The person was taken to hospital by ambulance helicopter.

  • Rocket shooters were told – were beaten

    The police were called to Burlöv at 10 pm after a man raised the alarm about being beaten by several unknown people.

    The people allegedly fired rockets at the man and his party. When he told them to stop, they allegedly beat him.

  • Young people shoot rockets “wildly around”

    During the evening, the police in the South region responded to several alarms about young people shooting rockets in various locations.

    At 7 p.m., several people called the police when young people were “shooting rockets wildly around them” in Klostergården in Lund, the police write on their website.

    An hour later, a person in Eslöv raised the alarm that young people had fired rockets in the square and that one of the rockets had hit the person who raised the alarm.

    In Kristianstad, SOS received an alert about a fire in a garbage can when someone threw fireworks.

    At 9:40 p.m., a security guard in Kronogården, Lund raised the alarm that young people were firing rockets at him. When the police arrive, the young people also shoot rockets at the police patrol. More patrols are sent to the scene.

  • Man stabbed in the stomach – seriously injured

    A man in his 20s has been taken to hospital with serious injuries after being stabbed in the stomach with a stabbing weapon. The condition must be serious but stable.

    The incident occurred just before 6 pm on Lars Kaggsgatan in eastern Gothenburg.

    The perpetrator is said to be a man in his 30s, according to witness statements to the police. No suspect has been arrested.

    The police are investigating the incident as attempted aggravated robbery. Technicians are on site and door knocking is being carried out in the area.

  • Fire in apartment – woman taken to hospital

    At 6 p.m., the emergency services were alerted to a fire in an apartment on Lindängen in Malmö.

    Once there, the firefighters broke open the door. Inside the apartment, smoke divers found an injured woman.

    The extent of the damage is unclear.

    The fire is out.

  • Details: Major operation in Vällingby – several shot

    Police operation in Vällingby. Photo: Aftonbladet

    The police have moved out to Vällingby after reports of gunfire.

    – We have just arrived and have sent quite a large resource, says Helena Boström Thomas.

    According to information to Aftonbladet, four

    people have been shot.

    The police do not want to say whether anyone was injured.

    – I can’t go into that yet, says Helena Boström Thomas.

    Read more here.

  • Record sales of vinyl records in 2022

    First hopelessly dated – then credibly hip.

    Now sales of vinyl records are breaking records in the US.

    Not since 1991 have so many records been sold, writes TT.

    In the week before Christmas, just over 2.2 million vinyl albums were sold, which is the highest figure since music sales began to be tracked electronically.

    It was also an increase of almost 50 percent from the week before.

    Best selling album “Midnights” by Taylor Swift.

  • Sweden calls for EU meeting on covid travel rules

    Sweden is the EU chairman and has been called to a meeting to discuss the possible need for entry restrictions.

    “Abolished restrictions on departures from China in combination with the increasing spread of covid-19 in the country have actualized the need for joint European action. As the country holding the presidency of the EU, Sweden will act for this,” the government writes in a press release.

    – Sweden strives for a common line for the entire EU when it comes to the introduction of possible travel restrictions. It is important that we quickly get the necessary measures in place, says Social Affairs Minister Jakob Forssmed.

    The meeting will be held on Wednesday in the council’s crisis management mechanism IPCR.

    – In contacts with the European Commission, we understand that ahead of the meeting on Wednesday they are preparing a recommendation regarding entry into the EU from China, says Minister of Social Affairs Jakob Forssmed.

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    Latest news

  • Hey! Is there any new information regarding the Towe case, have charges been filed yet or when does it look like it will be?


    Hey! So far, no charges have been brought, so at the moment it is unclear if and, if so, when it will happen. Police and prosecutors have also not released any new information regarding how they suspect she was killed.

  • You write that Andrew Tate was arrested for rape and human abuse, is this really correct or are you basing this on previous rumors connected to Mr. Tate?

    According to sources, it is a regular Swat that affects many streamers


    Hi Satoshi!

    He has been arrested on suspicion of abducting two women together with his brother, the prosecutor says Antena3.

  • When will we find out who was behind the explosion of the gas pipes Nord Stream 1 and 2?

    Franco Baresi


    It is hard to say. Investigative work is ongoing. This article is about what we know so far and the possibilities of finding answers to who is behind it.

  • Will sickness benefit be increased in 2023?


    Hi Janne!

    Yes. The so-called price base amount is increased by 8.7 percent, which affects a number of different grants and allowances. Including the sickness benefit.

  • How do they know that there are 32,000 fish, did they count them or

    Mikael Jakobsson

    Hi Mikael!

    Counting cod by cod sounds like a real Sisyphus project. The figure is likely an estimate of the number of dead fish.

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