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Woman arrested – man cut in chest with knife

today at 01.59 Alexander Bönke

The police received the alarm at 00:47 and went to an apartment in central Örebro.

A 35-year-old woman was arrested for cutting a 30-year-old man’s chest with a knife.

– She was arrested under calm circumstances by the patrol and the man was taken to hospital, but the injuries should not be life-threatening, says Olga Korpela, officer on duty at the Bergslagen police region, to TT.

It is unclear what relationship they have to each other. The incident is being investigated as aggravated assault.

Latest news

  • Heat record in the Alps

    The hottest January temperature ever on the northern side of the Alps was measured on New Year’s Day in the town of Delemont, TT writes.

    The thermometer showed 20.2 degrees. It’s usually around four degrees in the Swiss city, which is close to the French border.

  • Explosions in Kyiv

    Explosions are reported from the Desnianskiy district in Kyiv, writes the city’s mayor Wladimir Klitschko on a telegram.

    “An explosion in Kiev’s Desnianskiy district. All devices are in place. More details later”

    Kyrylo Tymoshenko, who works for the Ukrainian president, writes that shrapnel from a drone has fallen in the district and damaged a building.

  • Gangsta Boo dead

    Gangsta Boo. Photo: Prince Williams

    Memphis rapper Gangsta Boo is dead, reports say Fox 13.

    The 43-year-old, whose real name is Lola Mitchell, was part of the music group Three 6 Mafia.

    The cause of death is still unknown.

    Read more here.

  • Prison under attack – 14 dead

    At least 14 people have died after a prison in Ciudad Juárez in Mexico was attacked by heavily armed men, AFP reports.

    Ten of the dead are said to be guards and security personnel at the prison.

    The attack was carried out with the help of armored cars and 24 prisoners reportedly escaped, according to a statement from the Chihuahuas prosecutor’s office.

  • Suspected rape at hotel – man arrested

    The police have been alerted to a suspected rape at a hotel in central Stockholm.

    – It is a woman who states that she was raped in a hotel room. She took herself to hospital where we met her, says the police officer on duty.

    A man has been arrested and the hotel room has been cordoned off.

    – We will hold hearings and bring this before the prosecutor.

  • Strong bang in apartment building

    The police have been alerted to a residential area in Älmhult after people heard a loud bang from a courtyard.

    – Something has hit an apartment or a stairwell. There is some material destruction at the windows and at the stairwell, says Patric Fors, press spokesperson at the police region South.

    It is not yet confirmed what caused the explosion.

    – Rockets have been fired there in the past and right now there are many indications that it was fireworks that caused this. Our patrol has just arrived at the scene so we’ll see what it ends up in, says Patric Fors.

    The text is updated.

  • Canada bans foreigners from buying homes

    As of today, foreign nationals are not allowed to buy homes in Canada, reports CNN.

    Foreign buyers are said to have jacked up the prices and bought homes as investments

    – Canadian homes attract profiteers, wealthy corporations and foreign investors. This leads to a problem with unused and vacant housing and sky-high prices. Housing is for people, not investors, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has previously said.

    Foreign nationals who are permanent residents of Canada are exempt from the law that applies for the next two years.

  • Major fire in grease factory

    A large fire has broken out in a three-story industrial building in Norrköping.

    – We are in the process of creating a picture, but it must be some kind of fat that is burning, says Pedher Helmer, officer on duty at the rescue service.

    The building completely engulfed in flames. There is a lot of smoke and flames shoot out through the roof.

    – It was a fully developed fire when we arrived, says Pedher Helmer.

    The fire started at the chimney and the cause is still unknown. A large part of the roof has collapsed and the emergency services have taken out gas bottles that were in the building.

    No one should have been injured.

  • At least four seriously injured after accident

    An accident has occurred on the E20 outside Mariestad and at least four have been seriously injured.

    According to the emergency services, it is chaotic at the scene.

    – It is a serious accident with three vehicles involved and probably four seriously injured. At least one has been trapped, says Simon Rosén, the duty officer of the rescue service.

    A total of ten people are said to be involved and ambulances and an ambulance helicopter have been dispatched.

    E20 has been turned off during the rescue work.

  • Man with bomb arrested when Lula was sworn in

    A man armed with a knife and explosives was arrested before the installation of Brazil’s new president Lula da Silva, Reuters reports.

    The ceremony could continue and during the Sunday evening, 77-year-old Lula was finally sworn in.

    Supporters of former president Jair Bolsonaro have repeatedly threatened to carry out acts of violence before the installation, and earlier this week military police were able to arrest another person, who is making a bomb “to create chaos”.

  • Imprisoned Iranian journalist released

    The Iranian journalist and dissident Keyvan Samimi, 73, has been released, writes TT with reference to the Iranian daily newspaper Shargh.

    Samimi was arrested in late 2020 and sentenced to prison for “conspiring against national security”.

    He was released on health grounds in February but was re-imprisoned a short time later. From prison, he expressed his support for the regime-critical protest movement in the country.

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    Latest news

  • You do have free legal aid in case of crime, right? How come the man who bit the policeman’s hand had to pay legal fees?


    Hey! According to The Swedish Bar Association do you have the right to a public defender if you are suspected of a serious crime. If you are then acquitted, the state covers the cost, but if you are convicted, you usually have to pay all or part of the legal fees. This depends on your income.

  • Why haven’t you written that more Tate was innocent.? The police did an investigation but that no crimes could be proven?

    the field

    Hey! According to the country’s public prosecutor’s office, Tate will now be in custody for 30 days. He is being investigated for rape and human trafficking, according to prosecutors.

    Any information about Tate being released has not been confirmed.

  • In the last week there have been a lot of shootings and people have been shot, has the gang war flared up in Sweden again?


    Hey! According to our sources, the police fear that gang violence will escalate sharply after the events of the last few days in Stockholm.

  • Hey! Is there any new information regarding the Towe case, have charges been filed yet or when does it look like it will be?


    Hey! So far, no charges have been brought, so at the moment it is unclear if and, if so, when it will happen. Police and prosecutors have also not released any new information regarding how they suspect she was killed.

  • You write that Andrew Tate was arrested for rape and human abuse, is this really correct or are you basing this on previous rumors connected to Mr. Tate?

    According to sources, it is a regular Swat that affects many streamers


    Hi Satoshi!

    He has been arrested on suspicion of abducting two women together with his brother, the prosecutor says Antena3.

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