Latest news – USA: Five injured in mass shooting

  • USA: Five injured in mass shooting

    At half past four, American time, on Friday, a man opened fire near Lexington Market in Baltimore, Fox News reports.

    According to Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison, several shots were fired and the victims are said to be between 38-60 years old.

    The injuries to the five are not life-threatening.

    The suspected perpetrator has not yet been arrested.

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  • Kidnapped 10-year-old girl found in Denmark

    On Friday, two men were arrested in Rødbyhavn in Denmark on suspicion of having kidnapped a 10-year-old girl from France, the Danish police write on Twitter.

    According to French media, the girl was abducted on Thursday from a school in western Paris and that the girl’s mother was then sprayed with tear gas. At the time, there were suspicions that the girl had been abducted to Tunisia or Sweden.

    Several media now state that it was the girl’s father, who is both a Tunisian and a Swedish citizen, and a male accomplice who abducted her. During the day that the girl was missing, a European arrest warrant was issued against the men.

    “The girl is in good health with the Danish authorities,” the police write on Twitter.

  • Teenage boy stabbed in Hammarby sjöstad

    Photo: Reader image

    A large police operation was launched at 11pm on Friday evening in Hammarby sjöstad in southern Stockholm.

    According to information to Aftonbladet, a teenage boy has been badly stabbed and taken to hospital by ambulance.

    Read more in Aftonbladet’s article.

  • Google bans mobile games after criticism

    The mobile game “Slavery Simulator” has been banned by Google and removed from the Google Play store in Brazil.

    This is reported by AFP.

    The prosecutor’s office in Brazil has opened an investigation into incitement against a ethnic group after the game was criticized by the country’s residents.

    The game involves buying, selling and torturing virtual slaves and managed to be downloaded by hundreds of people before it was removed.

    In a statement, Google said apps that promote violence or hatred against people based on skin color or ethnic origin are not allowed on the company’s platforms.

    However, the developers oppose the allegations, claiming that the game is “for entertainment purposes only”.

  • Alarm about smoke development in hotel restaurant – premises evacuated

    The emergency services have received an alarm about heavy smoke development at the hotel restaurant Villa Källhagen on Gärdet in central Stockholm.

    “There is a lot of smoke smell in the building,” the police write on their website.

    Police and emergency services have just arrived at the scene and are now trying to find the source of the smoke.

    – The hotel has been able to evacuate the premises themselves, says Åsa Sköld at the rescue service.

    There are no reports of personal injuries.

  • Brazil will host COP30

    Belem in Brazil Photo: Alamy Stock Photo

    Brazil takes over the baton as host of the UN climate summit COP30, reports Reuters.

    The meeting will be held in the city of Belem in the state of Para, located in the Amazon, in November 2025.

    – I am convinced that it will be a very good event and that the people of Para will make the world happy, says President Lula da Silva in a statement.

  • Ukraine: Russia prepares “accident at nuclear power plant”

    Russia is planning a staged accident at the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant, according to Ukraine’s Defense Ministry.

    In a Telegram post, which has not been verified by independent sources, Ukraine claims that an attack will be carried out within the next few hours.

    The blame must then be placed on Ukraine.

    The aim is to provoke an international investigation and put a temporary stop to the fighting when Ukraine’s counter-offensive begins.

    “The Russians will use this pause to regroup the occupation force and stop the Ukrainian counter-offensive,” writes the Ministry of Defense.

  • Car ran off the road – two to hospital

    The police have been alerted to a traffic accident in Växjö where, for unknown reasons, a car drove off the road and into a lamp post.

    The alarm came in at 20:25 and the two people who were traveling in the car have been taken to hospital by ambulance.

    The extent of the damage is unclear.

  • Youth brawl by the lake – one person to hospital

    A large youth brawl broke out at a lake in southern Stockholm on Friday evening.

    One of the young people involved has been taken to hospital by ambulance. The extent of the damage is unclear.

    The police are now looking for the suspected perpetrator and are investigating the incident as aggravated assault.

  • Masked man robbed shop – ‘weapon-like object’

    A masked man has robbed a shop in Skarpnäck in southern Stockholm with a weapon-like object.

    – We received an alarm on 19.01. The man must have run from the scene and we have several patrols on site looking for him, says Carina Skagerlind, press spokesperson at the Stockholm Police.

  • Shot at car with rifle – man arrested for attempted murder

    A man in his 40s has been arrested on suspicion of having fired shots with a shotgun at a car outside Bollnäs.

    – The circumstances are a bit unclear so far, but we are investigating the incident as attempted murder, says Mathias Rutegård at the police.

    A man who was “going to conduct a non-criminal matter at the address” was in the car that was fired upon. However, the relationship to the perpetrator is unclear, the police state.

    – It is associated with very serious danger to shoot in this way at a person in a car. However, the man managed without physical injuries.

  • Car has overturned – three people injured

    A passenger car has overturned in Trelleborg municipality.

    Three people were traveling in the car and the extent of the damage is currently unclear.

    Police, emergency services and an ambulance are on their way to the scene.

  • Man taken to hospital after suspected assault

    The police are investigating a suspected assault that is said to have occurred in Helsingborg shortly before 6pm on Friday evening.

    A man in his 50s has been taken to hospital by ambulance and his condition is unclear.

    The police are on the scene at the suspected crime scene and are “collecting information about what happened”.

  • Ingve’s farewell party cost the taxpayers one million kroner

    Stefan Ingves Photo: JERKER IVARSSON

    After 17 years as head of the Riksbank, Stefan Ingves was dismissed with a thunderous party and conference at the Vasa Museum in Stockholm earlier this year.

    Now reporting Swedish daily newspaper that the bill was for one million kroner.

    And that it was the taxpayers who had to pay for the party.

    “The conference gave the Riksbank a unique opportunity to gather leading representatives of the world’s most important central banks and prominent academics in the field to discuss central bank independence,” writes the Riksbank’s press manager Tomas Lundberg to the newspaper.

    Read more here.

  • Man dead after head-on collision with truck

    A man in his 40s has died after a head-on collision between a truck and a car in Axmarby in Gävleborg county.

    The police will investigate the accident, which happened at 11 o’clock on Friday morning, and the cars have been impounded for investigation.

    The man who died was traveling alone in the car, the police write on their website.

    Relatives have been notified.

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  • Regarding the flag day when the king celebrates 50 years on the throne. It is very appropriate. But will it be an annual flag day or will it only happen in 2023?


    Hi Rolf!

    The government’s proposal is for a “temporary public flag day”. It therefore only applies to 2023.

  • What happens at Stockholm Central Station? Stuck on a train that is not allowed to go due to police action.


    Hey Henrik!

    According to the Swedish Transport Administration, there must be unauthorized persons moving on the track area at Stockholm C.

    Right now there is no forecast for when traffic can resume.

  • Oh, what a nice report you made about the hospital horse Snowball & the dog Chip!!

    So lovely to be able to read about something nice between all the misery that is happening around the world!! Thank you!😊


  • Which channels are down is out with the boat, but we don’t get any information

    Kalle with the sailor hat

    It was the Swedish terrestrial network that messed up, so among others SVT and TV4 but also a bunch of pay channels.

    But now it should work again, according to Teracom.

    Enjoy the sailing Kalle! 🙂

  • Totally agree with the signature

    “Newsletter day week”.

    AB’s journalists in this column only answer the questions that suit them. Sossar is not better than others.


    We answer as many as we can and have time, Janssont.

    If we don’t have a good answer, you can take your question to another forum.

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