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Ukraine: Russian robots blown up in transit

today at 01.06 Johan Edgar

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry claims that Russian robots have been destroyed on the occupied Crimean peninsula.

According to the ministry, an explosion occurred near the city of Dzhankoy when the Kalibr robots were being transported by rail, presumably on their way to be loaded onto Russian warships.

Kalibr is a family of robots with variants that are used against naval targets or as cruise robots, where the latter, according to the think tank CSIS, can reach up to 2,500 kilometers. (TT)

Latest news

  • One dead after school shooting in Texas

    A student opened fire at a high school in Dallas, Texas on Monday.

    A male student died and a woman was injured before the perpetrator could be arrested, write AP.

    The shooting began on the school grounds shortly before 7 a.m. local time, the same day students were due to return to school after spring break.

    The student who shot was arrested after only a few minutes. Because he is a minor, the police have not disclosed his identity.

    The condition of the injured woman must not be life-threatening.

  • Biden lifts secrecy on covid-19

    US President Joe Biden. Photo: Evan Vucci/AP

    America’s secret information about the origin of the coronavirus should no longer be secret.

    President Joe Biden has signed a bill requiring the declassification of intelligence material that the virus may have spread through a leak from a laboratory in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

    “We must get to the bottom of the origins of covid-19, including potential links to the Wuhan Institute of Virology,” says Biden in a statement according to TT and continues:

    “In implementing this legislation, my administration will declassify and share as much of that information as possible.”

    The WHO has previously appealed for access to US intelligence.

  • Over 30 dead in attack in Congo-Kinshasa

    More than 30 people, including children, have died in northeastern Congo-Kinshasa after a militia attacked five villages on Saturday.

    This is reported by TT, which refers to local sources.

    Codeco, a loosely assembled militia made up of mainly fighters from the Lendu ethnic group, is blamed for the attacks.

    They also allegedly looted and burned homes and stole livestock.

    The search for more victims continues.

  • Shots fired at residence

    At around 8:30 p.m., the police were called to Grödinge in Botkyrka, south of Stockholm, after people heard explosions.

    At the scene, it turned out that shots had been fired at a residence.

    No one has been injured.

    Police technicians will now examine the home. They are talking to residents in the area to get any testimonies.

    The incident is being investigated as attempted murder and aggravated weapons offences.

  • 6-year-old bitten to death by sled dogs

    A 6-year-old boy has died after being bitten by sled dogs in the town of Aasiat in Greenland, Danish reports TV2.

    There were four dogs that attacked the boy. All have been euthanized.

    The incident happened at the city’s ski club when the boy “got too close to the dogs”, a witness told the police.

  • Suspected serious crime in Jönköping County

    A suspected serious crime of violence has occurred in a small town in Jönköping County.

    The police, who were alerted at 6:30 p.m., have set up cordons at one location. This is done to investigate a possible serious crime, they write on their website.

    According to information to Aftonbladet, a dead person has been found outdoors.

    During the evening, the police’s forensic technician will investigate what happened.

    Furthermore, a dog patrol will be ordered to the scene to search for traces that may be of importance.

    The police patrols will also knock on doors in the area to obtain information.

    The police are currently very tight-lipped about the incident.

    – We will not comment any more tonight on what we have found, says Johnny Gustavsson at the police in the eastern region.

  • Police car in collision

    A police car has collided with another vehicle in Tumba south of Stockholm.

    The alarm came in at 6:35 p.m.

    It is unclear what caused the accident. According to the police, it was not in connection with a pursuit.

    – There are two vehicles that have collided, the police car and another vehicle. There are no injuries, says police spokesperson Towe Hägg.

  • Macron’s government passed a vote of no confidence

    It was on the hair. But France’s government narrowly passed the first of two no-confidence votes on Monday night.

    278 votes of no confidence, but 287 votes are needed to bring down the government.

    The vote was held after Emmanuel Macron’s government pushed through an increase in the retirement age from 62 to 64.

    That there are two votes is due to the fact that both the far-right party National Gathering and the left-wing alliance Nupes demanded a vote of no confidence in the government.

  • Problems with travel service after suspected hacker attack

    Due to technical disturbances at Västtrafik, on Monday there were problems with booking, among other things, travel services and medical trips.

    The problems mainly apply in Fyrbodal and the Gothenburg region.

    The technical disruptions are due to an IT attack at a system supplier to several of Västtrafik’s transport companies.

    – We try to solve all trips as much as possible, but appeal to everyone who does not have to travel to wait to book their trip, says Åds Björk, communications strategist at Västtrafik.

    The problems are expected to persist during Tuesday.

  • Pilots are shut down after sloppy coffee break

    Two pilots of the Indian low-cost airline SpiceJet have been suspended after an irresponsible coffee break at an altitude of 11,000 meters, writes Times of India.

    The pilots celebrated Holi by eating fried pastries and drinking coffee in the cockpit.

    They then chose to place their coffee cups without lids right by the control levers – something that could have serious consequences for the safety of the plane if the drink were spilled.

    A picture of the coffee break was also posted on social media. It quickly went viral and has caused an outcry, not least among people in the airline industry.

    Both pilots are now suspended pending an investigation.

  • Woman fell from flatbed

    Police and ambulance were called to a workplace in Braås in Växjö after an accident today.

    A woman had fallen from the flatbed of a dump truck. The extent of the damage is unclear.

    – But she was awake and talkative, says Sara Andersson, press spokesperson for the police in the southern region.

    The police are currently on the scene to gather information and form an opinion as to whether it is a workplace accident.

    They write that on their website.

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    Latest news

  • Why is one of the two men who murdered Ulf mentioned with a picture and name and not the other??? After all, both were sentenced as a return.


    Hello! The man whose name and picture we published is sentenced to life imprisonment for murder.

    Life-sentenced murderers are often named, because the public interest in those cases often outweighs possible publicity damage.

    The other man, whose name and picture we have not published, was convicted of aggravated robbery.

    But all cases are different. And name publication is decided on a case-by-case basis.

    Please read more here: How Aftonbladet works with press ethics.

  • Hello!

    I have been looking for an article I read about a police officer who lent his bank card to his father who was in debt settlement, are you able to link it to me? ☺️


    Hello Sara!

    It was a policeman who lent a card to his father-in-law. Guess that’s the one you’re referring to. You can read about it here.

  • Hello, why has interest in the Ukraine war cooled so much in the Swedish press and news reporting? In foreign reporting, there are lots of analyzes and status reports!

    Otjonsson Otjonsson

    It may feel cold compared to how it was in the first months at the outbreak of the war, when a very large part of the news reporting was devoted to the Ukraine war.

    But I would say we are still reporting intensively. Among other things, we have a team in place now that reports on many fatalities. Feel free to follow our collective reporting here!

  • Hello. What was the big police operation in Stockholm city about yesterday? Nothing more has been written about it.


    Hello Alex! We wrote about it yesterday here. It seems to have been about a fight at a hamburger restaurant.

  • Difficult to read the posts…. It’s usually white text on a black background! But now the text is kind of gray on a black background??? Is it just my phone that is ghosting or???

    Etc. Thomas Engman

    Thomas Royne Engman


    We are currently experiencing technical issues, we are working on fixing it as soon as possible!

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