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Trump soon back on Facebook and Instagram

today at 23.05 Paula Westerberg

Donald Trump may soon be back on Facebook and Instagram, writes NBC.

The ex-president’s accounts were suspended from his accounts on the platforms after the storming of the Capitol on January 6, 2021. But in a few weeks, he will be able to use his accounts again.

Latest news

  • At least 27 dead in explosion

    At least 27 people have died after an explosion in the state of Nasarawa in Nigeria, TT reports.

    A group of cattle herders were on their way to a village, when something detonated in their midst.

    It is unclear what caused the explosion. The police believe it was a bomb attack, but an organization that represents cattle herders in the region states that the military carried out an air raid.

    In the area, battles have been going on for decades between cattle herders, who are mainly Muslims, and farmers, who are mainly Christians.

    At the same time, the military has several times before, by mistake, killed civilians in air raids aimed at Islamist extremists.

  • Parked police car attacked

    On Wednesday evening, someone or a few smashed a police car in Älta outside Stockholm.

    – You have been working on an investigative case and so the car has been exposed to vandalism when you got back to it, says Daniel Wikdahl at the Stockholm police region.

    He does not know if anyone has been injured in connection with the incident, nor if the police know anything about the perpetrators.

  • Burglars took out entire window panes

    During the day, the police received alarms about several burglaries in Lund.

    In two of them, the burglars had entered through the window – after removing the entire window pane.

    In two other cases, the thieves had broken open patio doors.

    The police carry out technical investigations at the crime scenes and collect other information.

  • Man shot in Eskilstuna

    Police on scene after the shooting. Photo: Blue light images

    A man has been seriously injured after a shooting in Årby in Eskilstuna.

    The police are looking for one or more perpetrators.

    A preliminary investigation into attempted murder has been opened.

    The police have cordoned off outside a pizzeria.

    – We have cordoned off a place that can be considered a crime scene. We have plenty of police officers on site and also police officers with special skills, says police spokesperson Angelica Israelsson Silfver.

    The police state that they are interested in getting in touch with anyone who made interesting observations on people or cars that may have left the scene.

  • Woman found dead – suspected murder

    A woman was found dead in a home in Linköping on Wednesday.

    The police write that “the circumstances surrounding the death mean that crime cannot be ruled out”. A preliminary investigation into murder has been opened.

    No one has been arrested.

    The police have cordoned off the residence and carried out door knocking in the area.

    Next of kin have been notified.

  • One dead and four injured after machete attack

    Photo: Nono Rico/Europa Press via AP

    At least one person has died and four have been injured after attacks at several churches in the Spanish city of Algeciras, writes El Mundo.

    One of the attacks is said to have occurred in the parish of San Isidro where a man is said to have taken his in with a machete, writes Europa Sur.

    The motive behind the attack is still unclear, but the police are investigating it as an act of terrorism. The suspected perpetrator has been arrested.

  • Knife-cut man found in Rinkeby

    A knife-cut man has been found at the subway station in Rinkeby.

    According to the police, he has been stabbed in the leg and will be taken to hospital.

    – But the crime did not take place there. He has come with or to the subway, but it has taken place elsewhere, says police spokesperson Daniel Wikdahl.

    No one has been arrested.

    – We are working to find out where he was injured, but the more we work, we see that it didn’t just happen, says Daniel Wikdahl.

  • Wolf hybrids threaten the wolf tribe

    Wolf hybrids – that is, crosses between wolves and dogs – have been discovered in Karelia in Finland, TT reports.

    This threatens the genetic viability of the wolf tribe in Finland, according to the country’s Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

    “Hybrids can also be less shy of humans than pure wolves. The wolf hybrids should be removed from the wild, so that they do not multiply and interbreed with the wolves.” they write in a press release.

    The Finnish government is now urging hunters to apply for a dispensation to shoot the hybrids.

  • Legendary guitarist dead

    Anthony ‘Top’ Topham is dead.

    The first guitarist of the rock band Yardbirds was 76 years old.

    Topham left the group in 1965 and was subsequently replaced by Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck, who died earlier in January.

  • Two foreign men arrested at Saab in Arboga

    Two foreign men have been arrested on suspicion of having taken photographs outside the protected object Saab in Arboga, the police say.

    The men, who are both in their 60s, must be citizens of another EU country.

    – They have been arrested and the prosecutor is leading the preliminary investigation going forward, says police spokesperson Pelle Vamstad.

    Saab in Arboga manufactures, among other things, maintenance equipment for the Jas 39 Gripen.

    On Monday, two more people were arrested in Arboga on suspicion of filming and photographing two different protective objects.

    It will be about a man aged 35 and a man aged 55.

    Read more here.

  • Norway and the US confirm: Sending tanks to Ukraine

    The M1 Abrams tank. Photo: Paul Sancya

    Now Joe Biden confirms that the US will send 31 M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine, reports The Wall Street Journal.

    Norway will also send tanks, writes NRK.

    Germany has already confirmed that it will send 14 tanks, a figure that could be increased up to 100.

    Poland and Great Britain will send 14 tanks.

    The Netherlands and Spain should also be ready to send tanks.

    Sweden has opened to send at a later date.

    Read more here.

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  • Freedom of speech, ok, but when does it cross the line. Hang a lifelike doll, burn book revered by millions.

    Is there no legal scope to prosecute them for blasphemy, personal persecution, etc.?

    gunner current sheet

    The blasphemy law was abolished in 1949.

    The Freedom of Religion Act was abolished in 1970 because freedom of expression weighs more heavily.

    Unlawful persecution means committing several criminal violations against one and the same person.

    The burning of the Koran has been investigated for incitement against a ethnic group, but in Sweden you can express strong disrespect for a religion. It is not the same as expressing it to the believers.

  • Hello,

    Wondering how often you “check in” and respond to the posts here? Sees that only one person has received an answer since 11 pm yesterday. Surely you have received several questions from readers since then? Grateful for answers.


    Hi Vivian!

    We receive a lot of questions and we always try to answer as many questions as we can, but sometimes there is not enough time as there is a lot of news we have to report on!

    All’s Well!

  • Maybe it’s me who just can’t find it, but where is the info on the alpine para WC??


    Hi Maria! Sportbladet usually updates regularly about the Alpine Para WC, so just keep an eye on their page here!

    Here you can read about Ebba Årsjö’s latest WC gold!

  • Instagram is down for me and my girlfriends give us more info please


  • Hello,

    Can we extradite Paludan to Turkey?

    The hustle

    Updated answer: Rasmus Paludan is Danish, but also has Swedish citizenship.

    Sweden does not extradite Swedish citizens.

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