Latest news – Then the Riksdag can vote on NATO membership

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Then the Riksdag can vote on NATO membership

today at 11.38 Anna Sjögren

Today, the government has handed over the bill on Swedish membership in NATO.

The Riksdag is now expected to process the proposal extra quickly and the exercise period expires on Monday next week.

On March 22, the Riksdag can preliminarily vote on Sweden’s NATO membership, TT writes.

Six out of eight parties in the Riksdag support the law. The Green Party and the Left Party are against it.

Latest news

  • Government: Increased support for victims of sexual violence

    Today, on International Women’s Day, the government and SD present three decisions to improve the health of women and girls.

    – It is obvious that we have equality gaps in Swedish healthcare, both geographically but also between men and women, says Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson at a press conference.

  • The National Board of Health and Welfare will be tasked with increasing knowledge about diseases that mainly affect women and girls.
  • Increased support for those who suffered from sexual violence. Among other things, they want to establish a national support center for sexual violence.
  • The state’s supervision to strengthen maternity care and delivery care must increase. Today, there are too many differences depending on where in the country women seek care.
  • Furuviksparken gets approval to import pandas

    Furuviksparken in Gävle has been approved by the Swedish Agricultural Agency to import two red pandas, reports News Agency Siren.

    – The red pandas will move to us, but when that will be is still unclear. We are awaiting approval of a permit from the sending park, says Cecilia Björling, Information and Press Officer Furuvik to Siren.

  • Boy robbed while wearing a protective vest – came injured to the emergency room

    A 16-year-old boy came in injured to the emergency room in Västerås on Tuesday after being robbed, reports VLT.

    Three unknown perpetrators had, among other things, robbed the boy of a protective vest.

    – There are three unknown perpetrators who attack a younger guy. He is robbed of his branded jacket and a protective vest, Jonas Eronen, press spokesperson at the police region Mitt, told the newspaper on Wednesday.

    The boy had suffered head injuries according to P4 Västmanland but was not seriously injured.

    Also found at the scene of the robbery was a knife sheath, defense spray and stun guns.

    – After the incident, the three older guys left the scene in a white passenger car with black stripes. If you have seen something unusual or this car, it is interesting for the police, says Jonas Eronen.

  • Man drowned in swimming pool

    The police went during the morning to a swimming hall in Kiruna after an alarm about a drowning.

    An elderly man died in connection with the incident, the police announced, and relatives have been notified. NSD writes that the man was 85 years old.

    The police will investigate the death.

  • Police action in central Norrköping

    The police are currently on duty in central Norrköping.

    According to Police Region Öst’s spokesperson Johnny Gustafsson, it is a person who is not feeling well.

    – We are going to talk to a person who is not feeling well. We have certain resources at the scene because we want to make it calm and tidy with a safety mindset, says Johnny Gustafsson, press spokesperson for the police region East.

    He says they haven’t spoken to the person yet.

  • Missing man found dead

    A man in his 40s who disappeared in Hallsberg municipality on March 4 has been found dead, the police write on their website.

    His next of kin have been notified and the police do not suspect any crime in connection with his death.

  • Terrorist threats in the Brussels subway

    Security in Brussels is tightened by the police after a threat of terrorist acts in the subway, reports TT.

    According to the newspaper Le Soir, the EU Commission received threatening letters in Russian about an upcoming attack.

    The threat is not considered very credible, but has been taken very seriously by the authorities.

    The US embassy has also sent out a warning to its citizens about caution if they are traveling in Brussels during the day.

  • V wants the government to act against rising food prices

    Party leader Nooshi Dadgostar wants Finance Minister Elisabeth Svantesson to call the big food giants to agree on how to dampen the price shock.

    The reports SR Ekot.

    – We can’t just watch when prices increase this incredibly quickly for basic goods we need to survive. It doesn’t work, says Nooshi Dadgostar.

    If no agreement is reached, legislation is required, according to the V leader.

    In France, the government, together with food giants, has recently introduced a price ceiling on certain food items.

  • Two teenagers are wanted in custody on suspicion of murder

    Two people, 17 and 19 years old, are now wanted in custody on suspicion of involvement in the murder in Tullinge.

    The murder took place in a residence during the night of Friday. A man in his 50s was shot dead with two shots in the upper body.

    – My opinion is that the evidence was strengthened during the time the suspects were detained. Therefore, I request that they be detained on probable cause, says Mikael Carlsson, chamber prosecutor at Södertörn’s prosecutor’s chamber, in a press release.

  • Woman charged with racist attack on children

    A 64-year-old woman is charged with incitement against a group of people against four children, reports Sydsvenskan.

    The incident occurred in September last year at the Oxie train station in Malmö.

    The woman said, among other things, that the children’s skin color was dirty and “I don’t want you in this country”.

    The children were around ten to fifteen years old.

    The woman is also charged with insult.

    The woman does not consider herself guilty of a crime.

  • Many arrested and injured in Georgian protests

    Clashes between police and protesters in Tbilisi on Wednesday night. Photo: Zurab Tsertsvadze /AP/TT

    Dozens of people were arrested and a large number of police officers were injured in Tuesday evening’s unrest in Georgia, TT reports.

    In a communiqué from the Ministry of the Interior in the capital Tbilisi, the number of arrests is stated at 66. In connection with the actions, 50 police officers are said to have been injured.

    The protests concern restrictions on freedom of expression and association in Georgia, which has a long land border with Russia in the north.

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    Latest news

  • Hello editorial So it was a wild after-party last night again, I’m trying again to get an answer to who is responsible for the liquor bill, maybe Tobbe was in on a corner so he might know or is it that simple that they brought liquor themselves??


    Hi Matt!

    I have spoken to the entertainment department and received an answer to your question.

    It is not SVT that stands for any “alcohol bill” at Melodifestivalen’s after parties. The after parties are organized by Live Nation, they are the ones who put on the arena show and also sell the tickets to the audience, so the after parties are funded through this. But there is no free booze at Melodifestivalen’s after-parties. Guests receive a drink ticket whenever they arrive, which can be exchanged for beer, wine or non-alcoholic options, after which you have to pay for your own drink. So the “liquor notes” end up with those who party wildest simply, greets Aftonbladet’s Mello reporter Tobbe Ek.

  • Why is it interesting what the Fed chief thinks and thinks? Do we not have our own will in Sweden?


    Hello John,

    The decisions made by the world’s central banks also have a major impact on the Swedish economy. It will be difficult for the Riksbank to lower or keep the interest rate unchanged if, for example, the Fed raises the interest rate.

  • How long will the snow in Gbg last?


    Hello! According to SMHI, it is expected to snow until Thursday in Gothenburg!

  • 1. Can a government be removed due to no confidence? And because they lied about pretty much all the election promises that a government even went to election on together?

    2. How to do it?


    Hello! In order to remove a government, the Riksdag can direct a motion of no confidence against the prime minister. It is required that more than half of the Riksdag’s 349 members vote for the Prime Minister to be impeached in order for him to be dismissed. This happened in the summer of 2021, when Stefan Löfven was deposed. However, he was reinstated shortly afterwards.

    But we citizens cannot remove a government, but it must be done through the Riksdag.

  • Good morning

    Snow coming to Stockholm afternoon?


    Hello! In Stockholm, the snow is expected to move in around 3 p.m.

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