Latest news – The US has busted Russian spyware

  • The US has busted Russian spyware

    The United States says it has defeated a Russian spy program, reports AFP.

    The software is said to have been used for over two decades to come across data.

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  • Woman robbed at knifepoint in Gothenburg

    Police are alerted at quarter to six to Angered, where a woman in her 20s states that she has been the victim of a knife robbery by two men.

    The robbers are said to have taken a mobile phone.

    The police are in contact with the woman, who was not injured in connection with the robbery.

  • Muf’s demand: Fire the Sis manager

    Douglas Thor Photo: BJÖRN LINDAHL

    The Moderate Youth Association demands that Si’s director general Elisabet Åbjörnsson Hollmark be fired after the recent escapes.

    That’s what union chairman Douglas Thor says in a comment to Aftonbladet.

    “Sex-separate the SiS homes or put the gang-criminal guys in regular prison, not in SiS homes you can escape from. If there is a lack of space in the prisons: build bunk beds to increase capacity. Only 900 of the country’s 4,500 cells currently have it,” he says.

  • New news about King Harald – tomorrow

    King Harald is being treated for an infection. Photo: Terje Pedersen/NTB

    Norway’s King Harald is still hospitalized at the Rikshospitalet in Oslo, says communications manager Guri Varpe VG.

    According to the royal family, it is an infection that needs to be treated.

    – It’s going well, Princess Märtha Louise told VG on Monday evening.

    New information about the king is expected shortly.

    – There will be more information tomorrow, says Guri Varpe to VG.

  • Pro-Russian demonstration in Stockholm

    A pro-Russian demonstration consisting of about 20 vehicles moves through central Stockholm.

    – Right now they are on the Djurgård Bridge and are on their way to Diplomatstaden, says Lars Hedelin, spokesperson for the Stockholm Police.

    The police do not know what the purpose of the demonstration is, as they have not applied for permission, but it falls on the same day that Russia celebrates “Victory Day”.

    – They ride with big Russian flags, communist flags, the Russian state coat of arms and anything else.

    The police do not consider it a demonstration station, nor have they sought permission to drive around, which is not necessary according to the police.

    – They are in motion and you have to do that. There are 20 cars moving together. So we take note of this and make sure that the traffic moves, says Lars Hedelin

  • Ryanair is doubling its capacity

    The airline Ryanair has placed an order for 300 new aircraft, writes The Guardian.

    The cost of the aircraft goes up to 40 billion dollars, just over 400 billion kroner.

    The billion-dollar deal could create 10,000 new jobs and double the number of passengers Ryanair can carry per year over the next decade.

  • Investigation after Patrick Grimlund’s death closed

    Patrick Grimlund died in a traffic accident earlier this year. Photo: Ola Axman

    “Lyxfällan” presenter Patrick Grimlund died in a car accident in January.

    The police initially opened an investigation into causing the death of another without any suspects. Now the preliminary investigation has been closed, reports The Express.

    – The case is closed without suspicion of crime and will not be investigated further, says Johnny Gustafsson, the police’s spokesperson in Region East.

    Patrick Grimlund turned 50.

    Read more here.

  • No Öresund trains to Denmark during strike

    Last week, the Seko trade union called for a strike. Now Skånetrafiken announces that traffic across the Öresund can be suspended from Thursday if the strike comes into force.

    – No trains will run over the Öresund Bridge if the strike breaks, says Linda Herkel, press communicator at Skånetrafiken.

    Whether any replacement traffic will be deployed is currently unclear.

    – We investigate what is possible or not. It depends on how you interpret the strike law. It could prevent a strike, but it seems to be interpreted a little differently, says Linda Herkel.

  • Tourist bus in collision in Germany

    The accident took place at Dannenreich near Berlin. Photo: Hannes P Albert/AP

    A tourist bus has collided with a tanker and a truck on the Autobahn in Germany.

    A total of 52 people have been injured in the collision, 13 of them seriously, according to German Picture.

  • Mediator will make a statement in the train conflict this evening

    On Thursday, May 11, the train drivers will go on strike – unless a solution is reached in the negotiations between the LO union Seko and the Almega train companies.

    Now an offer from the mediators is expected already this evening, says Tågföretagen’s union director Pierre Sandberg to TT.

    – We have constructive conversations. We are discussing different possible solutions to this about late schedule changes, says Pierre Sandberg.

  • Threats to high school – students are sent home

    A threat has been received against a high school in Borås, the city of Borås states in a press release.

    The school has been closed and the students have been sent home.

    After a police investigation, the situation is deemed safe and the school will reopen tomorrow.

  • BoJo: Thought Sue Gray was a psychopath

    Boris Johnson thought partygate investigator Sue Gray was a psychopath.

    This is claimed by Downing Street’s former head of communications, Guto Harri, according to The Telegraph.

    – If there were any words that came back, it was “psycho Sue Gray”, he says.

    Harri also alleges that Johnson was preparing to sack current Prime Minister Rishi Sunak before his administration collapsed last year.

    – There was a deep disagreement about politics between the two and the tension had been building. While Johnson wanted to cut taxes, Sunak was clearly unwilling to do so, he says.

  • The tove case is taken up in the Court of Appeal

    The two women sentenced to life in the Tovefallet case have appealed the verdicts to the Court of Appeal, this is reported by P4 Jönköping.

    The new trial will be held between 12 and 15 June.

  • UN: Peace negotiations impossible

    “Unfortunately, peace negotiations between Ukraine and Russia are currently impossible because both sides are convinced that they will win,” says UN Director-General António Guterres in an interview on Tuesday morning to Spanish El Pais.

    Instead, the UN, according to Guterres, is focused on getting talks between the countries to solve concrete problems. As an example, Guterres mentions the grain agreement that expires on May 18.

  • Landskrona IP cordoned off – bomb dog on site

    The entire Landskrona IP is cordoned off following an alarm that unknown objects were found in the stands.

    – What we can say now is that in the morning the police and arena staff found objects inside the Landskrona IP that could pose a threat to security, but we don’t know what it is yet, says Richard Glantz, communicator at police region south

    The national bomb shelter is in place and a bomb dog is searching the area.

    – We are in the process of getting a handle on what kind of objects were found.

    Tonight there is a match between Helsingborg IF and Landskrona BoIS, as it looks now the police believe that the match will be able to be carried out.

    – That’s what we’re working towards right now, says Richard Glantz.

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  • Why does Russia celebrate a Victory Day from 1945? The Russian Federation was formed in 1991 and has nothing to do with WWII. At the time, Russia was only a state in the Soviet Union.


    Victory Day began to be celebrated in Russia after the fall of Nazi Germany in 1945. In fact, after the fall of the Soviet Union, the parades stopped for a while. But in 1995 the celebration was resumed again.

  • Danny Saucedo isn’t making his acting debut now is he? Wasn’t he in Evil?


    Entirely correct! He was an extra in the fight scene in Ondskan.

    However, he himself says that “Scenes from a Marriage” is his acting debut. Maybe he himself makes a difference between extras and acting?

    Regardless – well done Ninna!

  • Which party in Sweden is the 9th largest?



    The largest party outside the Riksdag, i.e. the ninth largest party, is the Nyans party. They received 28,352 votes, which is equivalent to 0.44 percent of the turnout in the 2022 election.

    In the 2018 and 2014 elections, the Feminist initiative was the largest, but they have retreated significantly and were in this election at 0.05 percent.

  • Shouldn’t journalists be able to tell the difference between them and them?


    Hi Ante! You may think so, of course, but we are not flawless and can make mistakes. We correct them when they are brought to our attention by our colleagues or our keen readers!

  • Why is the headline “Russia: Residents forcibly evacuated from Zaporizhzhya” !? Zaporizhzhya and Europe’s largest nuclear power plant is in Ukraine NOT Russia. Despite occupation and annexation, as far as I know, almost no one except Russia itself recognizes the region as Russian.


    Hi Stefan! In this case, “Russia” should be read as the Russian side in the war, who are the ones who decided on the forced evacuation. It does not imply recognition of the areas as Russian.

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