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The Arctic is warming faster than expected

today at 10.29am Amanda Hällsten

The sea ice in the Arctic will melt much faster than previously thought, because today’s climate models are miscalculating. This is shown by new research from the University of Gothenburg, among others, reports TT.

“This is serious. If the world’s governments and organizations are to be able to trust the climate models, they must be revised. Therefore, research and data collection in the Arctic need to be prioritized. Currently, we cannot give a good forecast on how fast the ice will melt in the Arctic,” says Céline Heuzé, researcher in climate science at the University of Gothenburg, in a press release.

The researchers now want to see a special climate model that is adapted for the Arctic.

Latest news

  • 22 people dead after boat accident

    At least 22 people have died after a boat sank off Madagascar this weekend, TT reports.

    A total of 47 people were on board the boat. The passengers’ goal was to migrate to the French island of Mayotte, which is about 30 nautical miles northwest of Madagascar’s coast, according to local authorities.

    23 passengers were rescued while two are still missing.

    It is unclear what caused the boat accident.

  • Details: China’s Xi to meet Putin next week

    Chinese President Xi Jinping plans to travel to Russia to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to information provided to Reuters.

    In recent months, there has been speculation whether Xi was preparing a visit to Moscow. According to sources to the Wall Street Journal, the trip is to be part of efforts to start multi-party talks on peaceful solutions to the Ukraine war.

    Neither the Kremlin nor the Chinese Foreign Ministry has commented on the information that the meeting will take place for almost a week.

  • HSBC buys SVB’s British part for £1

    The big bank HSBC has bought the British part of the collapsed tech bank Silicon Valley Bank for 1 pound, reports Bloomberg.

    According to British Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt, the deal will ensure that customers’ deposits are protected and can be banked as usual, without taxpayer support, reports CNBC.

    Read more about the Silicon Valley Bank crash here.

  • One wanted in custody after arson

    One person is wanted in custody after the fire in Alby on March 4, where two women died.

    The person is requested to be detained on probable cause on suspicion of murder, attempted murder and aggravated arson.

    The suspect is subject to confidentiality, says District Attorney Kajsa Lindberg.

    – The reason is that there is a danger that the suspect or someone close to him will be subjected to violence or suffer other serious problems if the information is disclosed. In the end, it is the district court that decides whether confidentiality should apply or not, she says.

  • Details: Alecta in crisis meeting

    Local authorities in New York have taken control of the crypto bank Signature Bank, where the Swedish pension giant Alecta is a major shareholder.

    Due to this, Alecta is holding a crisis meeting at 8:30 a.m. today, according to information Today’s industry.

    In total, Alecta is said to have invested SEK 3.2 billion in the crypto bank.

    Alecta has also invested in Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and First Republic, something that also contributed to the pension giant’s big loss.

    “We have to think about what we have done wrong in this regard – if we have done anything wrong. We have to really think about that,” said Magnus Billing, CEO and acting head of asset management, to Di on Friday.

  • Li accuses the US of oppression

    Today marks the end of the annual National People’s Congress in China.

    The newly elected Prime Minister Li Qiang then took the opportunity to accuse the US of suppressing and holding back the country, TT reports.

    – China and the US should cooperate, must cooperate. When China and the United States work together, we can achieve a lot, Li Qiang said.

  • Total stoppage after accidents on the E18

    Several accidents have occurred on E18 in Örebro municipality during Monday morning.

    One of the accidents occurred near Lake Leken. A bus and a car are said to be involved in the accident and there has been a total standstill in traffic during the morning.

    – According to our information, no passengers should have been on the bus. An ambulance has been on the scene, but no one has had to be taken to hospital, says Nina Begallo, spokesperson for the emergency services.

    Because of the earlier accident, a kitchen coat was also caused between two passenger cars. There are no reports of anyone being injured.

    A second accident occurred near Glanshammar, and has also caused long queues in traffic. According to the police, no one was injured in the accident.

    Shortly after 08:00, the police announced that another accident had occurred near Glanshammar. Which caused a complete standstill in traffic.

    On Twitter, the rescue service in Bergslagen urges motorists to take it easy on the roads around Örebro.

    “Lift on the roads today! Take it easy on the roads in the snowstorm,” they write.

  • Man robbed by masked persons in residence

    The police are investigating serious robbery and serious weapons crime after a man in Nacka in Stockholm woke up to the sound of three masked people in his home on Monday night.

    The masked people, three men, allegedly threatened the man with a gun and a crowbar, according to information to Aftonbladet. Among other things, they allegedly took watches and other objects, the police say. Then they allegedly fled the home in a car.

  • Heavy fire in industrial premises

    There is a heavy fire in an industrial premises in Botkyrka outside Stockholm.

    According to the emergency services, it is unclear what caused the fire.

    – We have sent in smoke divers who retrieved a number of gas cylinders, but we have not been able to locate the fire, says Daniel Lundin at the rescue service.

    One person was in the premises and is being treated for unclear injuries.

    – According to our forecast, it will take several hours to extinguish the fire, says Daniel Lundin.

  • Author Kenzaburo Oe dead

    The Japanese Nobel laureate Kenzaburo Oe has died, aged 88. This is reported by TT and refers to Oe’s publisher.

    Oe was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1994.

  • E6 closed after truck accident

    A truck has driven into the middle barrier on the E6 at Ljungskile in the municipality of Uddevalla.

    The truck must have been traveling in a northbound direction when the accident occurred.

    A post has also been hit and laid across the carriageway in the southbound lane.

    Police and emergency services are on the scene and traffic is being diverted.

    No injuries have been reported.

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    Latest news

  • Has the man who was cleared 2 weeks ago at a hospital visit been arrested yet?


  • Postponed is postponed 😛

    Stefan Lindfors

  • Stab injury what is it?

    Knife stuck maybe?



    Hi Thor! It could be, but as we currently cannot confirm that it is a knife in particular, we cannot write it – it could be some other sharp object.

  • Aftonbladet’s front page is almost exclusively about crime. Maybe time to change the name to Kriminalbladet?


    Hello Johanna! It is true that we write a lot about crime, in part it is a reflection of a serious wave of violence that has hit Stockholm in recent times. But there is plenty of other entertainment, sports, politics and lighter talk for those not interested in crime. We also welcome tips at [email protected]!

  • I read somewhere that Jesper Söder died in Ukraine two weeks ago… is this correct?


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