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The Alma prize for an American author

today at 1:08 p.m. Nelly Kronstrand

The American youth writer Laurie Halse Anderson receives this year’s Alma prize, the world’s largest prize for children’s and youth literature, TT reports.

Latest news

  • Man injured by electricity – suspected workplace accident

    A man is said to have received a strong current through his body in a workplace accident in Torslanda in Gothenburg.

    The man was taken to hospital by ambulance. According to the police, he was awake and able to speak otherwise, the extent of his injuries is unclear.

  • School is criticized – suspected of happiness ratings

    Lundsberg’s Free Gymnasium in Storfors is suspected of setting happiness ratings. It appears in documents from the School Inspectorate, reports the Siren news agency.

    For a number of years, the statistics have shown that many students there receive satisfactory grades compared to the national tests. At the same time, few efforts are being made in the area, according to the review.

    The school’s principal is now receiving extensive criticism for being passive in the work to get the teachers to give fair grades.

  • Claims to have arrested Ukrainian sabotage group

    On Tuesday, Belarusian authorities announced that they had arrested a “Ukrainian terrorist group”, write The Guardian. They are accused of trying to sabotage a Belarusian airport.

    Last month, a Belarusian activist group announced it had blown up a Russian airliner using a drone outside Minsk. It was denied by both Minsk and Moscow.

    But videos on social media show what is believed to be the start of the attack.

  • Two arrested for attempted murder in park

    Police were alerted to an assault in Rörsjöparken in Malmö on Tuesday morning.

    At the scene, it turned out that a man in his 20s had been stabbed or cut. The man was then taken to hospital.

    Several patrols have searched the area and two men in their 20s have been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.

    The crime scene is cordoned off and will be examined by a special search dog.

  • A man is charged with aggravated rape of a child

    A 25-year-old man is being charged at the Borås district court today for several cases of aggravated rape against children, the police write.

    The man was arrested in mid-August.

    Among other things, the police secured evidence against the man through a house search, where they went through emails and materials in various cloud services.

  • Teenagers are wanted in custody for murder

    Two teenagers are requested to be detained on probable cause on suspicion of murder or possibly aiding and abetting murder.

    This after a man was shot to death in a home in Tullinge last Friday.

    – My opinion is that the evidence was strengthened during the time the suspects were detained. Therefore, I request that they be detained on probable cause, says Mikael Carlsson, chamber prosecutor at Södertörn’s prosecutor’s chamber in a press release.

  • Famous artist charged with assault

    A man is accused of assaulting his girlfriend in an apartment in Stockholm at the end of February, and a decision on detention was made two days later.

    Now it is clear that the artist will be charged with assault.

    Read more here.

  • An arrested suspect of murder

    A man has been found dead in an apartment in north-east Gothenburg.

    The police suspect that the man has been killed and the incident is being investigated as murder, alternatively manslaughter.

    One person has been arrested at the scene. The residence has been cordoned off.

  • The top politicians: Sweden spreads lies

    The Hungarian delegation has visited the Speaker of Sweden’s Riksdag, Andreas Norlén, reports TT. They are satisfied with the visit, says Csaba Hende, the deputy speaker of the Hungarian parliament.

    – We support Sweden’s NATO membership, he says.

    Hende describes the meeting as “warm and friendly” and that it gave perspective on a new start.

    – We made it clear that the Hungarian government, the Hungarian president, the prime minister and most of the Hungarian parliamentarians clearly support Swedish NATO membership.

    However, he suggested that Swedish politicians based facts on untruths about Hungary’s rule of law principles.

    – It would be desirable that Swedish politicians, government representatives and members of the EU Parliament, based on completely untrue facts, do not indicate or imply that there is a lack of rule of law in a country.

    TT then asked if Hungary had problems with the rule of law, the rights of LGBTQ people and the freedom of the media.

    – I don’t see such problems, but everything can of course be discussed. But you shouldn’t spread lies.

    The Hungarian parliament is expected to make a decision later in March to approve Sweden’s NATO membership.

  • Family killed – executed in their car

    At least eight people who are believed to belong to the same family have been found executed in their car in central Honduras on Monday, TT reports.

    The police suspect that a land dispute between families is connected to the murders.

    The family members are said to have been shot dead when they were on their way home to the city of Comayagua.

    Every day, between ten and 15 people are murdered in Honduras, according to human rights organizations.

  • Two trucks in collision

    Two trucks have collided at an intersection in Vinslöv in Hässleholm.

    – It is unclear what caused the collision. There are no reports of personal injuries, says Patric Fors at the police.

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    Latest news

  • 1. Can a government be removed due to no confidence? And because they lied about pretty much all the election promises that a government even went to election on together?

    2. How to do it?


    Hello! In order to remove a government, the Riksdag can direct a motion of no confidence against the prime minister. It is required that more than half of the Riksdag’s 349 members vote for the Prime Minister to be impeached in order for him to be dismissed. This happened in the summer of 2021, when Stefan Löfven was deposed. However, he was reinstated shortly afterwards.

    But we citizens cannot remove a government, but it must be done through the Riksdag.

  • Good morning

    Snow coming to Stockholm afternoon?


    Hello! In Stockholm, the snow is expected to move in around 3 p.m.

  • Has anyone received the declaration yet? they will start being sent out today. Mine hasn’t arrived.


    Hello! Some have received it today, others are expected to receive it later in the week. It must have arrived no later than March 10 if you have Kivra.

  • Hello!

    I wonder if you have any idea how many victims have been found so far after the earthquake in Turkey and Syria.

    Leif Larsson

    Hello! According to international media, the death toll was over 50,000 at the end of February.

  • Instead of having a lot of drivel about infidelity & couple problems, you can instead post a flasher that today at 3 pm Hesa ​​Fredrik will be tested.

    Is it appropriate for the media to take responsibility & inform about this in these troubled times.



    Hello. Thank you for the reminder. We are aware of that.

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