Latest news – Ten suspected poisoned in Norway – shared tent

  • Ten suspected poisoned in Norway – shared tent

    Ten people have been taken to hospital in Norwegian Stavanger during the night to Thursday, according to reports VG.

    They are suspected of having carbon monoxide poisoning. According to the police, a ball grill must have been in the middle of the tent.

    – It concerns two or three families. Children, teenagers and adults, says Victor Fenne-Jensen at the police in Sør-Vest to VG.

    For three of the victims, the situation is said to be serious.

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  • Details: Train sabotage in Crimea

    A freight train has derailed near the town of Chystenke on the Crimean peninsula, according to information provided by VK, Crimea’s state railway company.

    According to Reuters, an explosion is to be behind the sabotage.

    According to the Telegram channel Baza, which is connected to the Russian security service, a large crater has been found at the site. Eight carriages are said to have overturned and 50 meters of train tracks destroyed.

    No one should have been injured in connection with the incident and the wagons should have been loaded with grain.

    Commuter train services between Simferopol and Sevastopol are suspended and replacement buses have been deployed.

  • Sis home goes up in staff mode

    According to internal documents which P4 Gothenburg informed, Si’s youth center goes into staff mode.

    The documents state that the authority is in a “crisis of confidence” after the recent escapes.

    Several security flaws have been identified and drastic measures are now expected according to the documents. Through very strong restrictions, the risks of escape must now be reduced.

  • TV4/Sifo: Growing support for NATO membership

    In one year, support for Swedish NATO membership has increased from 51 percent to 64 percent, according to measurements from TV4/Sifo.

    – It is a historically rapid shift, says political scientist Jenny Madestam to TV4.

    The big difference between the May polls from 2022 and this year can be seen among those who were hesitant about membership last year.

    Then 28 percent were doubtful. Now that figure is down to 17 percent.

  • Homemade incendiary bomb caused a grass fire

    During the night, someone set fire to a home-made smoke or fire bomb in Abbekås, which caused a grass fire.

    The emergency services were called to the scene, who called the police.

    A crime scene investigation was conducted and a report of a violation of the Act on Flammable and Explosive Goods was drawn up.

    There are currently no suspects.

  • Boy injured in attempted murder

    A boy in his early teens has been found injured in Sala.

    The police were alerted to a fight at 02:00. When they arrived, they found a boy in his early teens outside who was injured.

    – He has an injury that could be compared to being subjected to violence by a sharp object, says Joar Källman, commanding officer at the police.

    The boy was not conscious when he was taken to hospital.

    During the night and morning, the police searched the area, including with a dog, and findings were secured at the scene. During the day, the crime scene will be examined by police technicians.

    No one has been arrested so far. The incident is being investigated as attempted murder.

  • Russian attacks on Kyiv

    Photo: Ministry of Emergency Preparedness of Ukraine

    Russia is currently attacking the capital of Ukraine, Kiev. This is stated by the city’s mayor, Vitali Klitschko, the BBC reports.

    Loud explosions from the air strike can be heard in several places in Kiev.

    “The attack on the capital continues. Do not leave the shelters during the air attack,” writes Klitschko on Telegram.

    Loud explosions were also heard in the regions of Vinnitsa, Khmelnitsky and Zhytomyr.

  • Explosive charge exploded at car

    A passenger car has been heavily damaged after some type of explosive device exploded next to it.

    – It was a real bang, says Mats Eriksson, press spokesperson at the Stockholm police.

    The car was parked outside a house in Södertälje.

    The hood and front of the car look like it has been in a crash, but no windows have been broken. It is unknown what caused the explosion.

    – The car has not caught fire and has not moved

    The alarm came at 03.10. No one was injured.

  • The painters’ agreement is clear – the strike is over

    In the middle of the night on Thursday, an agreement was ready for Swedish painters, after a four-day strike.

    The agreement involves, among other things, a salary increase, a requirement that a painter must have vocational training and pregnancy pay for those who cannot work in the last period before childbirth.

    The biggest issue during the negotiations was precisely the professional competence, where Måleriföretagen wanted to scrap it.

    “We are happy that we have reached an agreement with our counterpart Måleriföretagen in Sweden”, writes the union in a press release.

  • Robber threatened to phone

    Four people were threatened with weapon-like objects by two robbers in Skarpnäck, south of Stockholm, during the night of Thursday.

    – It happened outdoors, down on the street, says Stockholm police spokesperson Mats Eriksson.

    – The robbers demanded items but they only had a phone.

    No one was injured in the robbery and no arrests have been made.

    The police have launched an investigation into aggravated robbery, aggravated unlawful threats and aggravated weapons offences.

  • Strike against illegal factory – found 800 kilos of tobacco

    The customs office seized over 800 kilos of tobacco in connection with a raid on an illegal tobacco factory in Årjäng in Värmland in March, TT reports.

    – We have busted an illegal factory that produced large quantities of hookah tobacco. We caught the suspects in the act when they were loading a car, says Fredrik Leijerholt, head of the Swedish Customs Service’s criminal department.

    Three people are charged on suspicion of gross illegal possession of goods subject to excise duty, writes the Swedish Customs Administration in a press release.

  • Three injured in shooting – great effort in Rågsved

    A major operation has been launched in Rågsved in Stockholm after alarms of loud explosions.

    Three people have been found with gunshot wounds at the scene.

    In connection with the operation, SL has been asked by the police not to stop its trains at the Rågsved train station.

    – We have only received the decision and not the reason for the decision. We also have no forecast for when traffic can be up and running as usual, says Andreas Strömberg press manager at SL.

    At 00:50 the police stated that the trains could stop there again.

    Read more here.

  • The state bans Tiktok

    The US state of Montana has decided on Wednesday to ban Tiktok, AP reports.

    The state thus becomes the first in the country to ban the popular app.

    Read more here.

  • Information: Ukrainian soldiers have been trained in Sweden

    A Ukrainian brigade has been trained in Sweden, according to The Times.

    The soldiers must have been trained to use the Leopard tank, the CV-90 combat vehicle and the Swedish Archer artillery system, according to the newspaper.

    According to The Times, the vehicles could become the most powerful in the Ukrainian counter-offensive.

    SVT states that it has been contacted by similar information.

  • Arrest warrant for the Oscar-nominated director

    A court in Moscow has issued an arrest warrant against Russian film producer Oleksandr Rodnyansky, AP reports.

    According to the news agency, he is suspected of having “spread false information” about the Russian army.

    Rodnyansky is known, among other things, for the Oscar-nominated films “Leviathan” and “Missing”.

    He fled Russia after the start of the war in Ukraine and has previously expressed his displeasure with his homeland.

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  • What happened to the elderly man who refused to move his car after having his tires punctured by mats of nails last winter?


    Hi Anna!

    The last I read about him was in The Wermlands newspaper in November.

    Then he would buy a new car after living in the old one for two weeks. He then said that he intended to lift the broken car into the air and leave it at the scene.

    He also told us at Aftonbladet that he would register the old car at the National Police Board.

  • If you throw fags everywhere they will rot and if so how long will it take to empty them please


    Hello! According to the organization Keep Sweden Clean, it takes approximately 1-5 years for a discarded cigarette butt to decompose into microplastic.

    “Microplastic can take 100 years before it disappears, if it even does,” they also write.

  • Why is only one of the spy brothers named and pictured?


    Hello! Both are named in the article. Why we only have one picture of Payam Kia is because the article is about him.

  • What has happened to Aftonbladet directly? Previously, you ended up directly on the news you clicked on, but now you always end up at the top and have to scroll down through the feed to get to the article you are interested in reading. Wish that feature came back.


    Hello! Some readers seem to have had issues with it over the past few days so we’ll check it out! If you haven’t updated the app, you can test with that as well (if you read via the app, that is).

  • Hello, May 17th today. Does it show on the editorial staff’s lunchboxes?


    It’s not lunch yet, but haven’t heard anything about the May 17 special in the lunchbox yet. Norwegians eat an average of four sausages per person on May 17, according to a press release from SAS . So if you want to pay tribute to Norway, a sausage with bread can be a suitable way!

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