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Swedish kraftnät may donate to Ukraine

today at 00:27 Nora Fernstedt

Swedish power grid gets the green light from the government to donate materials to Ukraine that can help build up the country’s energy supply.

The government writes that in one press release.

“In the past, the government has given a support package aimed at air defenses, which strengthens Ukraine’s ability to defend itself against attacks against, for example, the energy system. The support from Svenska kraftnät contributes to the reconstruction of the electricity system. Together, these supports provide protection for society,” says Energy and Industry Minister Ebba Busch.

Russian attacks in the fall have damaged much of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure.

Latest news

  • Two dead after school shooting in USA

    Police on site in Iowa, USA Photo: Charlie Neibergall/AP

    Two students were shot dead at a school in the city of Des Moines in Iowa on Monday, according to TT, which refers to the local police.

    A teacher was also injured in the incident.

    The police received the alarm at 1 pm local time. The students were found with life-threatening injuries and later died in hospital.

    Twenty minutes after the shooting, the police stopped a car 30 kilometers away and arrested “several suspects”.

  • School remains closed after rumor of shooting

    A high school in Nacka outside Stockholm is closed on Wednesday, due to a rumor in social media that a school shooting will take place then.

    It reports TV4 News.

    Tomorrow the school will have police protection.

    The school’s principal has written in an email to the guardians that the probability that the threat would be carried out is small, but that they take it seriously and therefore set up a “home study day”.

    The incident has been reported to the police.

  • Police chase on E4 – one arrested

    The police tried to stop a car on the E4 north of Stockholm this evening.

    – The car did not stop so there was a short pursuit, says Carina Skagerlind, press spokesperson for the police in the Stockholm region.

    The police patrol stopped the car at the Haga norra exit.

    – One person could be arrested on suspicion of drug offenses when we found drugs in the car, says Carina Skagerlind.

    The Haga norra exit is currently closed.

    The alarm came in at 8:46 p.m.

  • Police chase in Södertälje – had weapons in car

    During the evening, the police had an operation in Södertälje.

    Several patrols and helicopters have been in the area.

    A search has been made for several people who disappeared from a car.

    – We have searched for a car that we wanted to stop. We have found that car and we have arrested a person, says police spokesperson Carina Skagerlind.

    According to the police, the car departed after one of the people was arrested – then the car was found abandoned.

    According to information to Aftonbladet, there were weapons in the car.

    Later, the police announced that they had opened a preliminary investigation into serious weapons offences.

    The police do not want to go into why they wanted to stop the car in the first place.

  • USA: Sweden is ready to join NATO

    US State Department spokesman Ned Price. Photo: Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP

    Sweden and Finland are both ready to join NATO.

    This is what Ned Price, spokesperson for the US Foreign Ministry, says after Turkish President Erdogan said that Sweden cannot expect Turkish support.

    Reuters reports.

    Ned Price tells Reuters that the Koran burning in Stockholm was deeply disrespectful, but that heinous things can still be legal.

    Here you can read more about the tours around Sweden’s NATO application.

  • Powerful banger explosion in stairwell

    At 19-30 the police were alerted to a loud bang and smoke in an apartment building on Björksätra in Sandviken.

    The police state that it appears to have been a powerful piece of fireworks that exploded inside the stairwell.

    No one was injured, but a window was broken and several apartment doors were dented.

  • Erdogan: Sweden receives no support from Turkey

    Angry Turks burn the Swedish flag in protest outside the Swedish consulate in Istanbul on Saturday. Photo: Emrah Gurel/AP

    Turkish President Erdogan says that Sweden does not receive any support from Turkey in its NATO application.

    This is reported by the Reuters news agency.

    The background is the protests outside the Turkish embassy in Stockholm this weekend.

    Here you can read more.

  • Two men arrested in Hammarby sjöstad

    The police have arrested two men in Hammarby sjöstad in Stockholm.

    They are suspected of drug offences.

    – One of them is also suspected of a serious crime against the knife law as he had a large knife on him, says Carina Skagerlind, press spokesperson for the police in the Stockholm region.

    According to Skagerlind, it is unclear whether the men have any connections to the recent wave of violence in Stockholm.

    – We continue with our usual work as well, she says.

    One of the people allegedly ran a little further than the other, but the police caught up with him and were also able to detain him.

  • Five charged – intended to kidnap German minister

    Five members of the extremist group that planned an armed coup in Germany are charged with high treason.

    This is reported by TT, which refers to the country’s public prosecutor’s office,

    There are four men and one woman who are suspects. According to the prosecutor, they have made concrete preparations to create chaos through a nationwide blackout.

    At the same time, they would establish an alternative government.

    They also planned to kidnap German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach, who was heavily criticized for the country’s strict corona restrictions.

    Here you can read more about the coup plot in Germany.

  • Series crash: Ten people involved in crash

    Four cars have collided between Arvika and Jössefors, the police write on their website.

    The alarm came in shortly before 4:30 p.m.

    A total of ten people must be involved. No one is believed to be life-threateningly injured, but the exact extent of the damage is unclear.

    Emergency services, police and healthcare have a response on site. Route 72 is closed during the operation.

    Update 17:30: The serial collision must have started with a car braking to change direction, which the car behind missed, the police announce.

    Traffic is flowing again.

  • Missing woman found dead in forest

    A woman was reported missing in Linköping at the end of November. On Monday, the police announced that the woman had been found dead outdoors in a forest in the Mantorp area.

    Relatives have been notified.

    A preliminary investigation into murder has been established.

    Since before, a preliminary investigation into kidnapping has also been established as the police could not find any natural explanation for the woman’s disappearance.

    The location has been cordoned off for a forensic investigation.

    There is not yet anyone suspected of a crime.

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    Latest news

  • Do you know anything about when, among other things, Telia’s services will start? In Malmö it is already out of order


    The latest word seems to be that it may take until tomorrow, Tuesday, before everything is back to normal.

  • Hello! There are rumors in the media that Putin is no longer president. Is it true?


    Hey! There are no rumors we have been contacted by.

  • Hey!

    Do you know what has gone wrong with the employment agency’s website? Unable to enter/log in as a job seeker to get in touch.

    Elisabeth Larsson

    Hi Elizabeth! Arbetsförmedlingen is one of several authorities that have been affected by disruptions during the day. Work is underway to resolve the issues. You can read our article about it here.

  • Hi Lina, Do you think we would have reacted the same if it was a Bible that Paludan burned?


    Don’t know Peter. So probably don’t think anything special about it.

    But if that happens, we will report on any reactions 👍

  • Hi, I know you can’t deny Rasmus Pauldan burning the Koran, but you can’t deny him protection now that there’s such a shortage of police officers. We have to put a stop to the Danish pig.

    Tobias Ljungberg

    Joakim Nergelius, professor of jurisprudence, explains how it works in this article.

    Oisín Cantwell pondered the question in this column last spring.

    Peter Kadhammar has also written about it, here you can read how he reasoned.

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