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Suspected attempted murder in Ystad

today at 06.54 Lukas Jacobson

A man called police early Wednesday morning and said he had injured a woman.

The woman was taken to hospital by ambulance and the man is suspected of attempted murder.

Latest news

  • Police negotiate with gunman – threatened pizza delivery man

    At 21:30 on Tuesday, the police were alerted by a pizza delivery man who had been threatened by a man with a weapon in Hässleholm.

    The police have not yet arrested the man but managed to locate the perpetrator at his residence. Negotiations have been going on there since 10 p.m. with several patrols on site.

    The police fired shots after the man came out of the home with a pointed weapon.

    No one has been injured.

    At 03.45, on the night of Wednesday, negotiations were still ongoing with the man over the phone.

  • Unusual bangs during a car fire

    A car caught fire at a soccer field in Salem south of Stockholm at 01:00 last night.

    The police say that there were more bangs than usual at a car fire. The firecrackers may come from items that were stored in the car before the fire.

    The fire is suspected to be arson.

  • SJ starts night trains to Berlin

    As of March 31, SJ is extending the night train line Euronight from Hamburg to Berlin, the train company writes in a press release.

    This means that it is possible to take a night train with SJ from Stockholm all the way to Berlin without changing. Since September 1, 2022, SJ runs night trains to Hamburg-Altona station.

    The tickets for travel during the period 31 March to 30 September go on sale today. (TT)

  • Shooting in Södertälje

    Several shots were fired through an apartment door on Storgatan in Södertälje during the night.

    The alarm came to the police at 01:46.

    No one was hit in the shooting, which is classified as attempted murder and aggravated weapons crime.

    The police have cordoned off the crime scene and are knocking on doors and securing tracks, the website says.

    By late last night, no one had been arrested.

  • Ola Bini is released in Ecuador

    Swedish programmer Ola Bini is acquitted of data breach charges in Ecuador, his spokesperson states in an email to TT.

    In an audio message to TT, Ola Bini says that the trial ended at half past eight in the evening after eleven hours of negotiations.

    – It has been a long day. I testified for five hours and then talked mostly about the abuses against my rights that I consider myself to have been subjected to, says Ola Bini in the message that was recorded before the verdict. (TT)

  • Four suspects to the US after presidential assassination

    Four main suspects in the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse have been handed over to the United States. The handover comes after four appointed judges in Haiti dropped out of the case.

    Two of the suspects have US citizenship.

    A third is a Colombian citizen, who is suspected of commanding about 20 former Colombian soldiers who were arrested in connection with the murder.

    The fourth is a pastor and businessman who would be helped to power according to the suspicions.

    Moïse was shot to death with twelve shots in his home near the capital Port-au-Prince on July 7, 2021. (TT)

  • Students drug suspects in the mountains

    Around 30 people, between the ages of 18 and 25, are suspected of drug offenses after the annual Student Ski event held in Hemavan this weekend, reports

    Among the narcotics seized are cocaine and cannabis. Every day, the police discovered around ten suspected drug crimes.

    Student skiing in Hemavan attracts hundreds of students every year, mainly from university towns in Norway and Sweden. (TT)

  • Burning hot tub caused emergency

    At 11.20 p.m., the emergency services were alerted to a fire on a balcony in Ljungsbro outside Linköping.

    It turned out that a hot tub had caught fire, and the fire had spread to the balcony, writes Corren.

    The owner of the hot tub together with the first fire trucks on site managed to extinguish the fire.

    The smoke spread to the basement of the house, but no one is said to have been injured.

  • Jip van der Tang Eliasson

    Storm cancels 1600 flights

    A winter storm has moved in over Texas. The storm has so far killed two people and canceled 1,600 flights, reports say Aljazeera.

    Austin’s emergency services are urging the public to stay home and not hit the roads.

  • Iranian couple danced – get over ten years in prison

    A young couple in love has been sentenced to ten and a half years in prison for dancing in front of a famous landmark in Tehran, writes The Guardian.

    A film where the engaged couple dance in front of the Azaditorn. (“Freedom Tower”) goes viral, and the couple was arrested in early November.

    The woman, Astiyazh Haghighi, was not wearing her shawl. Women are also forbidden to dance in public places.

    Now the couple in their 20s are being sentenced for having “encouraged corruption and prostitution” and “gathered with the intention of disrupting national security”.

    According to the human rights organization Hrana, the couple was not given a lawyer during the trial.

    According to the UN, at least 14,000 people have been arrested since the massive protests in the country began in September last year.

  • Jip van der Tang Eliasson

    Kamala Harris to attend Tire Nichols’ funeral

    Last week, US President Joe Biden spoke with Tyre Nichols’ mother and stepfather.

    Now it is clear that Kamala Harris will go to Memphis, Tennessee to attend the funeral of Nichols, reports The Guardian.

    Tire Nichols died after being beaten by several police officers during an intervention. You can read more about the event here.

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  • Nora, it is worth pointing out that the Nordic countries have like all other countries behind them on the corruption list, so that Sweden would be second worst in terms of corruption in the Nordics is actually not particularly bad at all! You can turn it around, like the fourth country with the least corruption in the whole world. It’s not that bad, is it?


    Well of course, compared to like every other country in the world it’s great!

    What was a little interesting, however, was that Sweden lost and got its worst ranking in 11 years. Although it is of course a very good position internationally.

  • Strange that AB didn’t write a line about Botkyrka’s Social Democrats being taken over by gang criminals…


  • Sweden second worst in the Nordics in terms of corruption, isn’t it of interest who is worse than us then?


  • If I don’t want to open an account in Swedbank, will I still get the money?

    Nathalie Thor

    You do not need to open an account with Swedbank, just register your bank account (regardless of which bank you have), to receive the electricity subsidy.

    If you do not want to register your account, and do not receive a general pension from the Pensions Authority, you will receive a payment notice sent home.

    You can read more about it here!

  • Is it true? Noticed that an account with the pension authority is ok?


    That’s right, if you have an account with the Pension Authorities, the electricity subsidy is paid out in connection with the pension.

    “You who receive a general pension from the Pensions Authority do not have to do anything, you receive the money into your account as you usually receive your pension,” Swedbank writes on its website.

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