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Stop in train traffic south of Stockholm

today at 17.19 Emil Forsberg

There is a stop in the train traffic between Flemingsberg and Södertälje syd.

A computer technical error must be behind the problems, which have been going on since 16.30.

– The Swedish Transport Administration has made a forecast for 17:30, says Anders Edgren, press spokesperson at SJ.

Latest news

  • Russia: Ukrainian drone has hit Russian village

    Russia claims a Ukrainian TU-141 drone hit caused an explosion in the Russian village of Kireyevsk.

    This is reported by Reuters with reference to the Russian state-controlled news agency Tass.

    One person has been taken to hospital, according to Tass. Two to three other people are said to have suffered shrapnel injuries.

    The village of Kireyevsk is located in the Tula region, about 220 kilometers south of Moscow.

  • Coop responds to the price criticism

    Coop’s Marie Nygren. Photo: Pontus Lundahl/TT

    LO chairman Susanna Gideonsson has previously criticized Coop due to the high food prices.

    Now Coop answers.

    – Just going and comparing on the edge of the shelf will be incorrect. We have pure flour in the bag and we don’t care, says the food giant’s CEO Marie Nygren, to TT.

    Gideonsson believes that Coop’s model of being member-owned should work well in these tough times.

    Nygren believes that a pure price comparison does not accurately reflect the situation.

    – I agree that our model works: Being member-owned, and our basis is to have good goods at a good price. But I am disappointed that she is speaking without having the facts on the matter, says Nygren.

  • Ten dead in the sea off Tunisia

    Boat with migrants in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Libya in 2015. Photo: Coast Guard

    Ten people have been found dead in the sea off the coast of Tunisia near Sfax, which has become a point of departure for people trying to flee poverty and conflict in Africa and the Middle East in the hope of a better life in Europe, reports Sky News.

    Earlier today there were reports of 19 dead in the same area when a boat capsized, which means that the total death toll is now up to 29.

    According to local authorities, the number of boats with migrants trying to reach Italy has increased recently.

    In the last four days, Tunisia’s coast guard has stopped about 80 boats with a total of over 3,000 people, the majority of whom should come from sub-Saharan African countries, according to BBCciting Reuters.

  • Man in his 20s missing

    A man in his 20s has been reported missing.

    The man disappeared from his home on Hisingen in Gothenburg at around 19.30 on Saturday.

    He is said to have been wearing a black down jacket, black sweatpants and sneakers.

    The police urge the public to get in touch with tips and observations that may be of interest.

  • NATO after Putin’s nuclear announcement: We are prepared

    NATO headquarters in Brussels. Photo: Olivier Matthys

    – NATO is prepared and follows the situation closely. We have not seen any changes in Russia’s approach to the use of nuclear weapons that would cause us to adjust our own.

    So says an unnamed spokesperson to Reuters the day after the Russian president announced that he is placing nuclear weapons in Belarus.

    According to Putin, the trigger is Britain’s decision to send armor-piercing munitions to Ukraine, which contain depleted uranium. Something that can be equated with NATO’s nuclear weapons expansion in Europe, according to Putin

    The statement is dismissed as “completely misleading”, according to the NATO spokesperson.

    Ukraine asks for a lightning meeting at the UN after Putin’s announcement.

  • Thief ran in tights – assaulted staff

    The police have been alerted that two people tried to steal goods from a grocery store on Andra Långgatan in Gothenburg.

    When the thieves were spotted, they started running towards the exit.

    – In connection with that, someone in the staff ran after them and tried to stop them. A commotion ensues and the person has received punches and kicks, says Fredrik Svedemyr, press spokesperson for police region West.

    The perpetrators then fled the scene. One of them must have run in just the stocking.

    One of them has been found and secured by the police.

    The injured member of staff has been taken to hospital by ambulance. The extent of the damage is unclear.

  • Found child in Uppsala

    A lone 4-year-old boy has been found in Uppsala municipality shortly before 1:00 p.m.

    – It was the public who saw the boy and alerted the police. The boy was wearing pajama pants and a sweater, says Magnus Jansson Klarin, press spokesperson at the police.

    The police are now looking for the boy’s parents. Social services have also been contacted.

    Update: A mother has contacted the police that her son is missing. The police have informed the mother that a boy has been found and handed over to Social Services.

  • Fully developed fire in barn

    A barn has started to burn outside the municipality of Norberg.

    – The barn has been used for storage, so no animals or people should have been injured in connection with the fire, says Magnus Jansson Klarin, police spokesperson.

    According to the emergency services, the fire, which is considered fully developed, has spread to a nearby building.

    – It is too early to say whether we suspect crime.

  • Suspected dangerous object in Barkarby

    The police have been called to an industrial area in Barkarby outside Stockholm due to a suspected dangerous object that was found outdoors.

    – A person saw this suspicious object and alerted the police shortly after 08:00, says Per Fahlström, press spokesperson at the police.

    An area has been cordoned off pending the national bomb disposal.

    Per Fahlström is tight-lipped about the incident, but states that no one has been detained in the case.

    Update 12:17 p.m.: The police announce that the object was harmless.

    The police have opened a preliminary investigation into illegal threats.

  • Unclear what time it is in Lebanon

    Right now, Lebanon has two time zones, reports ABC News.

    At the last second, the country’s government decided to postpone the start of daylight saving time by a month, until the end of Ramadan.

    Something that resulted in mass confusion.

    Some institutions in the country, mainly Christian, have implemented daylight saving time, while others have not set the clock forward.

    This has resulted in the country now being in two time zones.

    – I had a meeting at 8 am and a lesson at 9 am, but now it will take place at the same time, says organization worker Haruka Naito, to the newspaper.

    The confusion has also led to jokes about “Muslim times” and “Christian times”.

  • Ida about sister Elin Kjo’s death

    Last week, Elin Kjos died after she had been ill with cancer for several years. Now the training profile’s sister Ida Kjos talks about the loss.

    – It makes it a little more bearable to see how many people she touched, says Ida Kjos i TV4’s Nyhetsmorgon.

    She continues:

    – She had a cardiac arrest a week ago. We performed CPR. She had to be put on a respirator and we tried to wake her up again, but then she never came back. That in itself was traumatic.

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    Latest news

  • Units still mean vehicles AND crew. Otherwise, they would have said vehicles, which would be useless to deliver to an accident scene without a crew.


    Thanks for the clarification! I am also changing the answer below. That’s what I meant, but was a little unclear. 🙂

  • When you write: the rescue service has sent 8 units, what do you mean? Are they people or vehicles?

    Why don’t you write what it is

    Henrik Lindvall

    Hello! By units is meant the number of vehicles, which also includes personnel.

  • did Aftonbladet miss that Frölunda crushed Ferjestad yesterday ?????????

    Bengt Andersson

    We certainly haven’t missed that! Here you can read everything about the match!

  • Why is it not written about the new fungus virus? it goes viral on tik tok and all websites from the US?


    Hello! We’ve written about it here, if that’s what you mean!

  • Saw that there were 2 copper thieves in Värmdö, is there a special brand they are after, have warned my old mother who saves on copper to hide both cups and dishes so don’t open to anyone she doesn’t know


    Hi Bengt! We also initially thought about what kind of copper it could be that the thieves tried to steal – but it was the metal copper, and not copper that you drink from, that the thieves were targeting in this case.

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