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Several shot while filming music video

today at 05.18 Jacob Ruderstam

During Thursday evening, several people were shot at a restaurant in Miami, reports CBS News.

Some should have been taken to hospital by ambulance, and some should have been able to leave the scene with minor injuries, according to the channel.

Both CBS and the channel WSVN report that the well-known rapper French Montana should have been recording a music video when the shooting occurred.

A witness who watched the recording tells CBS that he heard up to 15 shots fired at the scene.

Latest news

  • S receives the highest voter support in ten years

    The Social Democrats continue to make strong progress in public opinion and now have 35.5 percent of support according to Swedish Voter Opinion, a summation of measurements that Kantar Sifo does for SR Ekot.

    According to the survey, voter support is the highest for S in over ten years. Together with the other opposition parties, support is at 53.2 percent, while the current government base receives 45.2 percent.

    Support for the Moderates, however, increases from 18.6 to 19.8 percent. (TT)

  • Two to hospital after kitchen fire

    Two people had to be taken to hospital by ambulance after a fire in a home in Köping at midnight.

    The fire is said to have started in the kitchen.

    The police have drawn up a report of public negligence.

  • Underage driver fled from the police

    The police were supposed to check a car in Storvreta in Uppsala municipality shortly after 02:00. When it did not stop, the police took up the chase.

    The car stopped at a parking lot and a number of people ran away, the police write on their website.

    The police caught up with the driver, who turned out to be a minor. An equally young passenger was found nearby. The driver is suspected of illegal driving and both were driven home to their parents.

  • Significant avalanche risk in the mountains

    There is a significant avalanche risk in the mountains until Epiphany. Photo: Erik Nylander/TT

    Just in time for Epiphany, the Environmental Protection Agency warns of significant avalanche risk in the Southern Lapland Mountains and the Western Vindelfjällen, TT reports.

    It is warning level 3 on a 5-point scale.

    – Stick to pisted areas or flat slopes, says Mattias Tarestad, avalanche expert at the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.

    He also advises winter tourists not to go out alone.

    – You must always have company. Friends and family you trust. And bring equipment such as extra clothes, another thermos and navigation aids.

  • Traffic accident outside Mora – ambulance helicopter on the way

    A traffic accident has occurred outside Mora. According to the police, it is about a car that drove off the road.

    One person has been injured in the accident.

    According to the police, the person must have traveled in the car without a seat belt, and is unconscious.

    Ambulance helicopter is called to the scene.

    – It turns out to be a serious collision. It is very slippery at the scene, says Peter Persson, officer on duty at the police command centre.

    The alarm was received by the police at 22:27.

    The police initially suspect no crime.

  • The Wagner group: First Russian prisoners have been pardoned

    Russian Wagner group leader Yevgeny Prigozhin announced today that the first group of prisoners recruited to fight in Ukraine have now been pardoned. It reports The Moscow Times.

    It was in September that a video was published in which Prigozhin is seen speaking in front of prisoners inside a Russian prison. There he promised that Russian prisoners who served six months with the Wagner Group in Ukraine would be released.

    So now the first recruits have fulfilled their contracts.

    – Society must treat them with the utmost respect, and they should not run afoul of the law. If you see an individual who was in prison and volunteered to join our group, you must understand that this man is a legitimate member of society, Prigozhin said, according to Novaya Gazetaciting Russian state news agency RIA Novosti.

    He is said to have also urged the released prisoners to “not drink a lot, avoid drugs and not rape women”.

  • Woman robbed and threatened with a knife

    At 10:04 p.m., the police were called to Norrlidsvägen in Kalmar where a woman was threatened with a knife by a partially masked perpetrator.

    The person forced a piece of jewelry and then left the crime scene on a bicycle, the police write.

    The woman is physically unharmed.

    The police are looking for the perpetrator.

  • One to hospital after insane drive through roundabout

    At 21.17 the police received an alert about a single accident in Härryda.

    A car driver had driven at high speed straight through a roundabout and then driven off the road and collided with a wall.

    SOS alarm states for GP that a person is taken to hospital by ambulance.

    According to the police, the car had both a ban on use and an unpaid tax debt.

  • Threatened policemen with affection – two arrested

    The police responded to an alarm in Åseda in Uppvidinge municipality at 4:30 p.m. today.

    Once at the scene, the patrol was threatened by a person with a “big attachment” to a residence.

    – The patrol has backed off and is working to assess the situation, said police spokesperson Rickard Lundqvist at around 9 p.m.

    A larger area around the residence has been cordoned off. There should be no danger to the public and no one has been physically injured.

    Shortly before 11 p.m., the police announced that a woman in her 30s had been arrested, suspected of attempted serious assault.

    A 45-year-old man has also been arrested on suspicion of serious weapons offences.

  • Wave of gang violence – police stepping up

    There are currently 379 preliminary investigations related to crimes within the gang environment in the Stockholm region – in 175 of the cases, suspects are in custody. It reports DN.

    The police in Stockholm are in a so-called national reinforcement organization due to the ongoing wave of violence. Criminal investigators are borrowed from other parts of the country.

    According to the police, the situation in the region is “extremely serious”.

    The special event, which began in October, goes by the name “Frank”.

    – We have gone through all the 379 ongoing preliminary investigations to try to find connections or information that can help us move forward, says Hanna Paradis, head of command, to DN.

    Here you can read more about the criminal gangs in Stockholm.

  • El Chapo’s son arrested

    Ovidio Guzmán was arrested in 2019 but released the same day after armed attacks Photo: CEPROPIE/AP/TT

    Ovidio Guzmán, son of notorious drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzmán, has been arrested in Mexico.

    The arrest took place in connection with a dramatic dawn raid in the northwestern city of Culiacán.

    The incident has led to unrest in the city, reports say CNN. Footage circulating on social media reportedly shows trucks being set on fire. The airport has been closed for most of the day because of gunfire nearby.

    The city’s mayor has urged residents to stay at home.

    Culiacán has long been a base for the Sinaloa Cartel, where Ovidio Guzmán is said to have been a high-ranking member.

    Sinaloa is one of the world’s most powerful drug cartels, and father “El Chapo” was its feared leader before he was sentenced to life in prison in 2020.

    Here you can read more about the tours around “El Chapo” and his family.

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    Latest news

  • Martin Melin very dear. Reading value????

    Who cares????


    Bernt Thuresson

    Hi Bernt,

    Quite a few actually! Everyone is interested in different articles and topics, you might find something else that you want to read instead 🙂

    Nice weekend!

  • When you write that a wolf has been shot in Västmanland, why not mention that it is only western Västmanland where the hunt is ongoing?

    Berndt Ahlm

    Wolves may be hunted in Västmanland, Örebro, Gävleborg, Dalarna and Värmland.

    If you want to follow the wolf hunt, Swedish hunting has a good article where they update with the latest news, here is a link to it.

  • We must protect little ones from RS. We must protect the elderly from Covid-19.

    Sounds like the parents generation are the big spreaders of infection in society.

    How can we protect ourselves against that generation?


    Here you can read the Public Health Agency’s advice to protect yourself and others against infections.

    They apply to all ages.

  • Hey!

    Did you miss that a man was shot in the head and survived in Malmö this morning?


    Hey! Here you can read about it.

  • Hello,

    Why doesn’t FHM come out with simpler recommendations, such as keep your distance, wear a mask in crowded environments, now that there are so many different viruses. Should be obvious, but not something you see “in town”?

    Dennis Thorberg

    They have some recommendations, here can you see the ones that relate to covid.

    Apart from vaccination, they are quite general and should work well to reduce the spread of other infections as well.

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