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Serious violent crime – large police effort

today at 21.54Hans Österman

A large police operation is underway in the residential area Tjärna Ängar in Borlänge.

– We are on site and investigating a serious crime of violence. One person has been taken to hospital, says police spokesperson Diana Qudhaib.

The police were alerted to the crime shortly after 8:30 p.m.

– We have a lot of resources on site and carry out investigative measures, but we do not judge that there is any danger to the public, she says.

Latest news

  • Masked robber forced his way into residence

    A masked person entered a residence in Södermanland. The robber allegedly threatened two women with a sharp object and tied them up.

    The suspect recovered money and a car key before leaving in the stolen car.

    The women were in shock after the incident but should not have been injured, the police write on their website.

    The police were alerted at 19.20 and are investigating the incident as aggravated robbery. No one has been arrested at this time.

  • Cheese recalled – may contain listeria

    Gäsene dairy is recalling its product Gäsene rivost 500 grams with a best before date of 2023-03-14, the company writes in a press release, according to TT.

    The reason is that the cheese may contain listeria bacteria.

    Customers who bought the product in question are asked to contact Gäsene Mejeri for compensation.

  • Alarm about an explosion south of Stockholm

    During Wednesday evening, a loud bang was heard in Norsborg, south of Stockholm. However, the police have not found any signs of an explosion.

    – Considering all the explosions that have happened recently, we take this kind of thing seriously, says Jens Mårtensson, who is the press spokesperson for the Stockholm police region.

    They searched the area with helicopters and patrols.

    At 9:30 p.m., the police operation is said to have ended.

  • At least 70 dead in cold weather

    Severe cold has hit Afghanistan. At least 70 people have died and the temperature has at most dropped to minus 32 degrees, TT reports.

    The temperature started to drop on January 10, and the cold will last at least another week. It is described as the coldest winter in years.

    In addition, around 70,000 livestock are said to have died from the cold.

    More than half the population is threatened by famine this winter, writes TT and refers to aid organizations.

  • Man killed in traffic accident

    A man in his 70s has died after a traffic accident in Boden.

    Two passenger cars collided at 4 p.m. and a total of three people are said to have been involved in the accident.

    Next of kin have been notified.

  • Two cars in collision with moose

    Two passenger cars have collided with a moose in the municipality of Marks, writes Gothenburg Post.

    A man has been taken to hospital by ambulance. There is no information on the state of the damage.

    The driver reportedly collided with the moose and then crashed into a tree.

    – The car is quite tight, says Pontus Studahl, the duty officer of the rescue service, to GP.

    The moose died in connection with the collision, according to the police.

  • Russian crypto top arrested in US

    US Department of Justice in Washington. Photo: Andrew Harnik/AP

    Founder and majority owner of crypto platform Bitzlato, Anatoly Legkodymov, has been arrested and charged with unauthorized money transfer.

    This is announced by the US Department of Justice during a press conference.

    Bitzlato is a cryptocurrency exchange platform. The company is said to have processed illegal funds worth over $700 million, including in connection with ransom money.

    Legkodymov himself is said to have written on the company’s internal chat room that the users of the service were “known to be crooks”. He was arrested in Miami on Tuesday and will appear in court on Wednesday.

    – As suspected, Bitzlato sold himself to criminals as a “no questions asked” cryptocurrency exchange platform, resulting in him making hundreds of millions of dollars. The defendant is now paying the price for the harmful role his company has played in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, said Attorney General Breon Peace.

  • Expanded support to Ukraine – can send Archer

    Sweden will increase support for Ukraine. The government announced this on Wednesday afternoon.

    Tomorrow Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson will hold a press conference together with Energy and Business Minister Ebba Busch, Labor Market and Integration Minister Johan Pehrson and Defense Minister Pål Jonson.

    The details of the increased support will be presented there.

    One of the items on tomorrow’s agenda concerns preparing the transfer of an artillery system to Ukraine.

    Prime Minister Kristersson recently opened up about sending the Archer artillery system to Ukraine.

  • Four arrested for kidnapping

    During Wednesday, the police were alerted to a suspected kidnapping in Luleå.

    Relatives of a man are said to have been pressured for money in exchange for the man’s release.

    The man was found by police in connection with a house search at an address in Luleå. The man’s injury status is unclear.

    Four people were also arrested on the spot.

    A preliminary investigation into kidnapping and attempted extortion has been launched.

    The police write that they “assess the incident as an isolated incident in the criminal environment”.

  • Fire in villa

    A fire has broken out in a villa in Kristianstad.

    The emergency services state that it was a passing motorist who noticed that there was smoke coming from the villa.

    – There was a lot of smoke so he stopped and knocked on the villa. He got the homeowner, who was unaware of the fire, out of the home with him, says Patrik Freij at the rescue service.

    At the scene, the rescue service sent in smoke divers, who managed to extinguish the fire.

    – The villa is quite destroyed. Now we are on site to make sure that there is no fire in the construction, says Patrik Freij.

    No one is said to have been injured in the fire. However, the villa owner has several cats, it is unclear if they may have been injured.

  • Electricity subsidy protest received 40,000 signatures

    The protest outside the Riksdag Photo: Skiftet

    Shift’s protest list against the “panicked cover-up” of the electricity subsidy has collected almost 40,000 signatures and today a protest was held outside the Riksdag.

    – How should we be able to evaluate and see how it went? Did those who needed it get it or not?, said Christian Tengblad, campaigner and fundraiser at Skiftet before the protest.

    As Aftonbladet wrote about earlier, the Riksdag will vote on the bill that would make the payment of the electricity subsidy secret for up to 20 years next Wednesday at the earliest.

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  • Why did the Wagner defector choose Norway to seek asylum in?


    Hi, it’s unclear so far. According to some information, he should have received a tip from an unknown person that Norway was a good country. But it will become clear in the coming days as the Norwegian criminal police interrogate him.

  • Hi, where can you read about the incident with a dog defending its owner against a bear?


  • How much should private households receive in electricity subsidy?


    Hey! How much you get in support depends on which electricity area you live in, so it’s a bit difficult to answer that in general terms. The payments are based on the consumption you had from October 2021 through September 2022.

    You can read more about it here.

  • How do I get rid of the annoying news box in the upper right corner of the screen? Annoying when reading something else.

    Erling Olsson

    Hey! If it’s the TV you’re referring to, you can click it off by pressing the cross in the top right corner.

  • How did the dog Gordon defend his master against the bear? Did he make it?


    The dog Gordon made it, a real hero one must say!

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