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Säpo warns: Russia is spying in new ways

today at 06.41 Johanna Sundbeck

The Russian embassy in Stockholm has previously been singled out as a base for espionage, but now the security police are warning that Russia is spying in new ways, reports SR Ecot.

The change is seen after Sweden expelled embassy staff, according to Säpo. In 2022, three Russian diplomats were expelled.

– We can expect Russia to use, for example, the Russian diaspora, and Swedish institutions and companies as a platform to conduct its intelligence gathering, says Säpo head Charlotte von Essen.

Latest news

  • Garage fire in Uddevalla

    Photo: Robert Betzehag / Rescue Photo

    The police and emergency services were alerted to a fire and heavy smoke in a parking garage in Uddevalla on Friday morning.

    – There was a very heavy fire in the garage when we got there. There are two cars that are exposed to fire and 11 have smoke damage, says Terro Paakki, officer on duty at the rescue service.

    The fire was extinguished just before 6 a.m. Post-extinguishing work will continue for another couple of hours.

    What caused the fire is still unknown.

  • The region reports after the death of a newborn child

    A newborn child died shortly after birth in Västerås. Region Västmanland is now making a lex Maria notification about the death, reports SVT Nyheter Västmanland.

    The child proved to be difficult to carry after birth and despite resuscitation attempts, the child’s life could not be saved.

    An internal investigation carried out shows that the child may have died due to severe lack of oxygen during and after delivery. But there is uncertainty as to whether the lack of oxygen could have been detected earlier or whether a caesarean section could have saved the child, the region writes in a press release. (TT)

  • At least six dead in American storm

    A severe storm swept through the southern parts of the United States on Thursday. At least six people have died in Autauga County in Alabama.

    State Governor Kay Ivey has declared a state of emergency in parts of Alabama and is urging people to think before going out.

    In several states in the southern United States, tornadoes are being warned during the night to Friday.

  • Giant ostrich eggs found in the desert

    Ostrich eggs estimated to be at least 4,000 years old have been found in southern Israel. The eight crushed eggs were discovered by archaeologists in fragments near the Egyptian border in the Negev desert.

    The eggs were located near a hearth that was part of a camp site used by nomads “since prehistoric times,” said archaeologist Lauren Davis of the Israel Antiquities Authority.

    According to the archaeologists, the find can provide insight into the life that people in the region lived at the time. (TT)

  • Demands for Biden: Deport Bolsonaro

    Dozens of Democrats are calling on US President Joe Biden to deport Brazil’s ex-president Jair Bolsonaro – and his supporters.

    Right-wing populist Bolsonaro flew to Florida on December 30 instead of attending newly elected President Lula da Silva’s installation ceremony.

    Before leaving, he called the October election results unfair. Then on Sunday, three of Brazil’s power centers were stormed by Bolsonaro’s supporters. (TT)

  • Inflation in Argentina close to 95 percent

    Inflation in Argentina was 94.8 percent in 2022, according to the national statistics institute Indec. It is the highest annual inflation rate in the country since 1991.

    Argentina’s inflation is among the highest in the world but has been on the decline since last summer. In December, inflation rose by 5.1 percent, which can be compared with July when the increase was 7.4 percent.

    In 2021, inflation landed at 50.9 percent. The government’s target for 2023 is an inflation of 60 percent. (TT)

  • Banned poisons found in otters

    Otters that have died in the last ten years in Sweden have had heavy drugs and banned environmental toxins in their blood.

    This is shown by a new study from the National Museum of Natural History, which TT reports on.

    58 of 60 dead otters tested for drugs had various medications in them.

    Among other things, slimming agents, antipsychotics, antidepressants and antibiotics.

    All also had long-banned environmental toxins.

    – It is remarkable. We don’t know how it affects the animals when they are alive – to do that you have to carry out animal tests – but it is frightening that we find drugs in them at all, says Anna Roos, curator at the museum and author of the report, to TT.

    The otters get the medicines through the water they drink and the fish they eat.

  • Crime victims pursued thieves – one was caught

    A person this evening saw how some people broke into his company Nynäshamn.

    He followed the thieves in a car and alerted the police at the same time.

    – They dumped the car at Brandbergen and fled to the forest, says Daniel Wikdahl of the police in the Stockholm region.

    Several police patrols and several dog patrols were called to the scene.

    A suspected burglar, a man in his 20s, was arrested by the police.

    Suspected stolen goods were also found in the car.

  • The stock market is up almost nine percent since the turn of the year

    The Stockholm Stock Exchange has performed unexpectedly well during the start of 2023. And even today it closed with green figures.

    Early trading today was characterized by stress and tension, but when the US inflation figures were released, the stress was replaced by relief.

    That’s what Dagens Industri writes.

    The stock market has only one down day in 2023 and is up nearly 9 percent in total since the turn of the year.

    Things are also going well on Wall Street in New York. The Dow Jones just closed at plus 0.64 percent. The broad S&P500 rose 0.34 percent and the Nasdaq closed, like the Dow Jones, at plus 0.64.

    Today’s US inflation announcement may be a ray of light in the economic darkness. Tomorrow there will be new information about Swedish inflation. You can read more about it here.

  • Men with fake passports were arrested at Arlanda

    Two men with suspected forged passports were arrested this afternoon at Arlanda Airport.

    At the border control at Arlanda, the men were discovered. They were arrested and the presented passports were confiscated.

    The two men were arrested by a prosecutor and are now suspected of using a false document.

    This is stated by the police on their website.

  • Suspected arson in Solna

    Police and emergency services were called this evening to Solna after a fire in a basement.

    – It’s a bed that burned in a basement, says Daniel Wikdahl at the police in the Stockholm region.

    By 8:50 p.m. the fire was out, but both the police and emergency services remained with many units.

    In connection with the extinguishing work, several streets in the area were closed to traffic.

    The fire is suspected to be arson.

    – A preliminary investigation into arson has been launched, says Daniel Wikdahl.

    No one is reported to have been injured in the fire.

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    Latest news

  • What is meant by the earth metals found in Kiruna?


    There are 17 so-called “rare earths”, they are all metallic elements.

    LKAB has not specified exactly which ones they found.

    Here you can read more. At the bottom of the article there is a fact box with all the earth metals and what they can be used for.

  • I wonder when Aftonbladet intended to spread some light in all the darkness?

    We have e.g. a stock market (OMXS30) which is up 25% since the bottom at the end of September, and which has only retreated one day in 2023. I have not read anything about this, other than small notices of course.

    Fear sells, but a little more focus on the positive in this world would be appreciated 🙂


    Here you can read a happy stock exchange notice 🙂

  • Don’t you have a reporter in Kiruna?

    Big things happen here!

    But yes………….it’s a long way to go from Södermalm to Stureplan!


    Well, that’s it. Luckily there are flights and trains!

    Here you can see our latest Kiruna-related articles. Two new ones from today 🙂

  • Do you talk about the current situation in Mexico about el chapo’s son who has been arrested?


    Yes. Here you can follow our reporting on Mexico and collect things that are specifically related to “El Chapo”.

  • Do we trust Paasikivi too much?


    Difficult to answer Leif.

    Lieutenant Colonel Joakim Paasikivi has a solid education and experience in the military, so he should be aware of the facts.

    When it comes to analysis, he has a good foundation to stand on, but of course he can be wrong too. Just like everyone else.

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