Latest news – Register is started on Russian war crimes

  • Register is started on Russian war crimes

    In order to be able to map Russia’s war crimes in Ukraine, Sweden and some 40 other countries have joined a new criminal register. It is a first step before trials and demanding responsibility for the war, the Council of Europe announces at a summit in Reykjavik.

    – This will support victims in accounting for their losses, which is crucial to being able to compensate them, says Marija Pejcinovic Buric, Secretary General of the Council of Europe.

    Approximately 40 countries have so far joined the initiative, which will be based in The Hague in the Netherlands. Almost all are European, but Japan, Canada and the USA are also included, according to a press release from the Council of Europe.

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  • Problems with SEB’s services

    Several users experience problems logging into the bank’s services.

    On the website, SEB announces that they have technical problems and urges their customers to try again a little later.

  • The Radiation Safety Authority gd may leave

    Nina Cromnier. Photo: Paul Wennerholm/TT

    The Radiation Safety Authority’s Director General Nina Cromnier is to quit.

    The decision has been taken by the government department.

    – We refer questions about this to the government, says Daniel Rossetti, spokesperson for the authority.

    The government is now looking for someone with deep nuclear power knowledge, who at the same time is not too close to the industry, writes TT.

    – We are looking for a different profile. It’s about being able to demonstrate internationally as well as nationally to the actors in Sweden that you understand and can effectively handle reactor safety issues and radiation protection issues with integrity, says State Secretary Daniel Westlén, to TT.

    He also says that the Sweden Democrats have nothing to do with the decision.

  • Russia has frozen the Finnish embassy’s accounts

    The Finnish embassy in Russia has had its bank accounts frozen by Russia, Reuters reports.

    The Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs is said to have been in contact with Russian authorities about the situation.

    In an email to Finnish Helsingin Sanomat writes the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs that “The situation is serious and we are investigating the matter”.

  • Man charged with shooting death

    A 21-year-old man is now charged with the murder of a man in his 30s in Solberga in southern Stockholm last year.

    The man is also charged with aggravated weapons offences.

    The 21-year-old is suspected of having “participated in the transport of the plaintiff, accomplices and the murder weapon to, and was at, the scene of the murder and shot the plaintiff himself, or that he through his presence and handling of the firearm through counsel and deed supported the shooter in the execution of the deed”, it says that in the indictment.

    It was on June 23 last year that the police were alerted to Solberga. At the scene, a man was found who had been shot with several shots.

    The man later died from his injuries.

  • Sarkozy’s appeal is rejected

    Former President Nicolas Sarkozy in December. Photo: Francois Mori/ TT News Agency

    Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy has his appeal against a prison sentence he was sentenced to rejected, the BBC reports.

    Sarkozy was sentenced to three years in prison in 2021 for trying to influence a judge.

    However, Sarkozy will not have to serve the sentence in prison. The court in Paris has decided that he can serve his sentence at home with foot shackles.

  • Spy convict Payam Kia withdraws appeal

    Payam Kia, 35, is withdrawing her appeal against the sentence to the Court of Appeal. The Svea Court of Appeal confirms this.

    Payam Kia, the younger of the two spy brothers, was previously sentenced to nine years in prison for aggravated espionage.

    Because of that, the verdict is postponed until Thursday, May 25.

    – We will not be able to try it. This means that the judgment will be rewritten so that he is not included in it. Therefore, we have to postpone the verdict, says Marie Andersson, court administrator in the case.

    The older brother, Peyman Kia, still has his appeal.

  • Fire in industrial premises

    There is a fire in an industrial premises in Borås.

    – It is a fully developed fire in a construction company. We have been on site for a few minutes now, says Caroline Karlsson, press spokesperson at the police.

    By ten o’clock the fire was out. The police wrote a report without suspecting a crime.

  • The regions’ call: Renew your prescriptions – now

    Several regions are urging patients to renew their prescriptions before the summer, reports say The pharmaceutical world.

    The reason is that the personnel situation is expected to be very strained during the summer.

    Since the staffing is lower, it can also take longer to get your prescription arranged during the summer, so it is good to be in good time. Many people have life-changing medications, it is important that there is no lapse, she says.

    In Halland, they have even set a deadline for the patients. Prescription renewals must be received by June 20th for the staff to get them before the holidays.

  • Bloody man found by the subway

    During the night, the police were alerted to the Västertorp subway station where a bloody man was.

    The man appears to have been beaten with a knife or a similar object and was treated by the ambulance.

    – He was awake and talkative, but it was difficult to interrogate him, says Daniel Wikdahl, press spokesperson at the police.

    The police have not succeeded in identifying any crime scene at this time and no one has been arrested in connection with the incident.

  • They forced the bus driver to give him a ride

    A man in his 30s in Luleå got on a bus and forced the driver to take him to the city centre.

    There, the man then started arguing with a security guard. When the police also came to the scene, the man continued to be aggressive and argue with the police.

    He was arrested and later detained on suspicion of unlawful coercion, threats and violence against an official, violent resistance and molestation.

  • Fire in villa – one person missing

    A villa outside Falköping is on fire. The alarm came in at five o’clock this morning.

    The emergency services searched the villa without finding anyone.

    – It was suspected that the owner was in the villa, but he has not been found and the search for him is over. Instead, they focus on putting out the fire, says Caroline Karlsson, police spokesperson.

    According to the police, there was still a fire at the scene at half past six.

    – The report will be public destruction or arson, says Caroline Karlsson.

  • Men abducted woman in car

    A woman in her 30s has been abducted against her will in a car in Gothenburg.

    At 01.45 the police were alerted that a witness had seen the woman being pushed into a car. A patrol then found the car, which was then partially crashed.

    The woman and two men in their 20s and 30s were in the car.

    Both men were arrested on suspicion of assault, illegal deprivation of liberty and negligence in traffic.

    The driver is also suspected of driving under the influence.

  • Thrown diesel on house – attempted arson

    The police have been alerted that someone tried to set fire to a residence in Uppvidinge last night.

    A resident first noticed a strong smell of diesel. When the police arrived at the scene, they found that someone had thrown a bottle of diesel at the building and then tried to light it.

    The incident is being investigated as attempted arson.

  • Fire in warehouse

    There is a fire in a warehouse in central Söderköping.

    – We have a fire in a building in the center of town. Employees have come to the scene and discovered it, says Mikael Karlered, officer on duty at the rescue service.

    There are no reports of personal injuries.

    – It is very smoky and we suspect that it is a so-called construction fire. How it has been caused is unclear, continues Mikael Karlered.

    The police are investigating the incident as public vandalism.

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  • What has happened to Aftonbladet directly? Previously, you ended up directly on the news you clicked on, but now you always end up at the top and have to scroll down through the feed to get to the article you are interested in reading. Wish that feature came back.


    Hello! Some readers seem to have had issues with it over the past few days so we’ll check it out! If you haven’t updated the app, you can test with that as well (if you read via the app, that is).

  • Hello, May 17th today. Does it show on the editorial staff’s lunchboxes?


    It’s not lunch yet, but haven’t heard anything about the May 17 special in the lunchbox yet. Norwegians eat an average of four sausages per person on May 17, according to a press release from SAS . So if you want to pay tribute to Norway, a sausage with bread can be a suitable way!

  • Good evening! Heard on state radio that the girl Laura who won the music festival was singing in some square in Stockholm. Can’t see any pictures from the show. Would have been nice to see. Can you send a reporter there? People


    Good evening folks! We were indeed there with a reporter in Kungsträdgården here in Stockholm when Loreen was praised and sang!

    Here you can read and see the pictures from it!

  • How can I find Titti’s interview with Darin?

    Marjut Lundin

    You can find the interview we published yesterday here.

    If you prefer Titti’s interview in SR, you can listen to it here 😉

  • How do I find the interview with Darin?

    Marjut Lundin

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