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Person stabbed – three arrested

today at 00.10 Nora Fernstedt

The police have an operation in Bengtsfors in Dalsland where they are investigating a suspected attempted murder.

The alarm came in at 9.45pm on Thursday evening.

An injured person has been taken to hospital.

According to information to Aftonbladet, the person has been stabbed.

The police do not want to go into whether any kind of weapon was used and where the attempted murder took place.

– There are three arrested and we have set up roadblocks, says the police officer on duty.

Investigative measures are now underway at the scene.

Latest news

  • Details: Donald Trump to be impeached

    Trump and Stormy Daniels pose together in 2008. Photo: Image from Daniels’ Myspace

    The grand jury in New York has now voted on whether to indict former President Donald Trump.

    The result was that they should prosecute and take him to court.

    This is stated by four different sources for the New York Times.

    The announcement has not yet been made public.

    The background is the money that the former president is said to have paid out to porn star Stormy Daniels.

    The payment is considered, according to the indictment, as a violation of the regulations on campaign funds before the 2016 presidential election.

    Trump denies that he paid the porn star for her silence.

    He also denies having had an affair or relationship with her, and has called the investigation against him a “witch hunt”.

    The text is updated here.

  • Turkey says yes to Finland in NATO

    Turkey’s parliament has approved Finland’s NATO application, reports Finnish EPN.

    With that, all 30 NATO countries have given the green light, and only formalities remain before Finland can become a member of the defense alliance.

    Sweden has still not received approval from either Hungary or Turkey. No date has been set for when a decision can be made either.

  • Double bangs in Malmö

    Several calls came in to the police this evening regarding a loud bang around Hårds väg at Rosengård in Malmö.

    A police patrol that was quickly on the scene was able to ascertain that something had detonated.

    Window panes at the address had been shattered by the blast, according to the police.

    The National Bomb Squad has been sent to the scene, which is cordoned off.

    No one is said to have been injured.

    About an hour after the first alarm, another alarm came about a loud bang in Malmö, this time at Södertorp.

    A staircase is filled with smoke and the police cordon off the place. No injured person has been found.

  • 1,200 may have died in cyclone

    Cyclone Freddy caused massive flooding in southern Malawi earlier in March.

    Houses, roads and bridges were swept away in the record-breaking downpours.

    More than 670 people have been confirmed dead. Hundreds are still missing and hope of finding survivors is dwindling.

    The total figure is believed to exceed 1,200 dead, state the authorities in the country according to TT.

  • Wave of thefts at Ica – closes ATMs

    Easy to “forget” in the cash register? Photo: Fredrik Sandberg /TT

    Several ICA stores have closed their self-checkout cash registers, reports say DN.

    The reason is that thefts have increased.

    – It is easy to “forget” a cheese, a piece of meat or a can of roe for 1,400 kroner, says Ica dealer Ulf Svensson to the newspaper.

    His store noticed both that customers neglected to scan certain items, or registered the wrong items on the scale. In other cases, it has led to insecurity for the staff when young people have cheated with the ATMs and gone there.

    Livsmedelshandlarnas CEO Per Bygdeson believes that more stores will limit self-checkout.

    – Many people think it’s easier to steal when you don’t meet another person. The threshold is higher if you look into the eyes of someone sitting at the checkout line, he says.

  • The Governor of the Riksbank: The electricity subsidy drove inflation

    The government’s multibillion-dollar electricity subsidy payments fueled inflation. That’s what the head of the Riksbank, Erik Thedéen, says in the SVT program “30 minutes”.

    – Yes, if you hadn’t done that, inflation would have been somewhat lower, says Thedéen.

    He further says that it is “probably the case” that even the interest rate would therefore have been lower without the payment of the electricity subsidy.

    This is reported by TT.

    Despite that, it was right to pay out the support, given the households’ high electricity costs, according to Thedéen.

    – We have not chosen to criticize it. It was still the case that it hit some households very hard. Every now and then there was something that we chose not to criticize.

    In the first round of payments, 17 billion landed with households.

    The program is broadcast at 22:00 tonight on SVT.

  • Huge seizure of cocaine in Norway

    The police in Oslo and Norwegian customs made a huge seizure of narcotics today.

    That is reported by VG.

    In total, they are supposed to be about 800 kilos of cocaine.

    – It is the largest seizure of cocaine ever made in Norway. It is worth several hundred million kroner, says Grete Lien Metlid, police chief in Oslo at a press conference.

    The seizure must have been made in the Norwegian capital.

    No one has been arrested.

    The police do not want to give more detailed information about the seizure, such as exactly where in Oslo it was found.

    – But it is central in Oslo, says Metlid.

  • White House: Americans must leave Russia

    The White House urges all American citizens to leave Russia immediately, reports the Reuters news agency.

    The announcement comes after the American Wall Street Journal journalist Evan Gershkovich was arrested in Russia on suspicion of espionage.

    Whether the arrest of Gershkovich is the background to the announcement is currently unclear.

    – American citizens living or traveling in Russia should leave immediately, says Karine Jean-Pierre in a statement and continues:

    – Americans should listen to the US government’s warning not to travel to Russia. US citizens living or traveling in Russia should leave immediately.

    The White House also says in its statement that it is deeply concerned about the Evan Gershkovich reports.

  • Two police officers to hospital after attack with iron

    Today, a police patrol ended up in a serious scuffle with an aggressive man in Hallonbergen in Sundbyberg municipality.

    – We were alerted to the address at 15.51 after people heard loud noises and thumps from an apartment, says Towe Hägg, press spokesperson at the police in the Stockholm region.

    When the first patrol got there, they encountered a violent man in the stairwell.

    The man attacked the police.

    According to information to Aftonbladet, he was armed with an iron

    – They raised the alarm and got reinforcements, says Towe Hägg.

    The man was arrested after the police received reinforcements. They had to use pepper spray to get him under control, according to Towe Hägg.

    – Two police officers were injured and were first treated at the scene. They then had to go by ambulance to hospital, she says.

    The extent of the injuries is unclear, but according to Aftonbladet’s experience, they must have been bitten by the man, among other things.

    The arrested man is suspected of violence against an official.

  • Woman dead after traffic accident

    At lunchtime on Thursday, a car and a pedestrian collided in southern Växjö.

    Two people were taken to hospital, an elderly woman and a child.

    Now the police announce that the woman, who is said to have been 75 years old, died of her injuries.

    The child must not be seriously injured.

    The accident will be investigated by the police.

  • Crash on E45 – road closed

    Two cars and a truck have collided on the E45 between Porjus and Gällivare in Norrbotten.

    Five people are involved in the accident, reports P4 Norrbotten. It is unclear if any of them are injured.

    The road is completely closed in both directions. Rescuers are on their way. The rescue work is expected to last at least until 18:00.

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    Latest news

  • Congratulations Finland!

    Does Finland also need to give its approval now before Sweden can become a member of NATO…?


    No, Finland is not yet considered a formal member.

    It is Hungary and Turkey that need to approve Sweden’s membership!

  • Does a can of roe cost 1,400? Just wondering about the thefts at Ica…

    Jeanette Carlsson

    Yes, according to what ICA trader Ulf Svensson states DN it does that.

    It must be quite a large jar… one must assume.

  • According to “my” coop, there is a shortage of minced meat in Sweden and the world now. Is it true? There was no minced meat at all in the store today and no forecast when it will arrive. I don’t have any other stores nearby to check, so I’m asking you at AB if that’s correct? Can’t find anything when I google.


  • Can a pedestrian and a car “collide”?

    In my world, the pedestrian gets hit by a car!


    At the moment, we do not know exactly how the accident happened, so we are sticking to reporting what the police said.

  • That Coop now lowers the price of fruit & vegetables for members only is strange! Have had fun now and compared the reduced prices against the other store we have here, and Coop is still more expensive despite its so-called reduction. Such good people! – Compare and buy the goods where it is cheapest, the basket I put together, I earn SEK 289 and then on a weekly transaction.


    Hey Maya! Yes, good advice for anyone who is close to several stores!

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