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Latest news

One seriously injured after collision

today at 16.25 Nora Fernstedt

Three vehicles were involved in an accident south of Falköping shortly before 4 p.m.

It must be a passenger car with trailer, a passenger car and truck.

The emergency services had to cut open one of the cars to get the driver out.

The driver has been taken to hospital and is considered to be seriously injured.

Road 47 will be closed at least until 5:30 p.m., according to the Swedish Transport Administration.

Latest news

  • Woman suspected of involvement in explosion

    A woman in her 40s has been detained on suspicion of aiding and abetting public destruction in connection with an explosion in Rågsved on New Year’s Eve.

    News agency Siren reports.

    A man with connections to criminal networks lives at the address.

    An 18-year-old and a 19-year-old are already in custody for involvement in the crime.

  • They request the police report on Löfving’s death

    The Work Environment Agency has requested a police investigation after the death of former regional police chief Mats Löfving in February, writes TT.

    – It is according to the routines we have when a serious incident or an accident has happened, says work environment inspector Annika Gladh, who does not comment on the ongoing case.

    In the investigation, the police must describe which factors in the work environment they believe may have contributed to the incident and which measures have been taken or are planned.

    Both the police leadership and national police chief Anders Thornberg have received criticism after Löfving’s death.

    Mats Löfving was found dead in his home in Norrköping on February 22. Read more here.

  • Six men are charged after a murder in Norsborg

    A 19-year-old was shot dead in Botkyrka in April last year. Photo: Aftonbladet

    It was at the beginning of April last year that the police were alerted to Norsborg in Botkyrka municipality.

    Near the subway, a 19-year-old had been shot with ten shots. According to information to Aftonbladet, he must have been tricked into a trap and then shot.

    Now six men are charged, suspected of involvement in the murder.

    Three of them are accused of shooting the 19-year-old. According to the indictment, the ten shots that were fired from two different weapons hit the 19-year-old in the head and upper body.

    The other three men are charged with aiding and abetting murder and serious weapons offences.

  • Lorry crash on the E4 – queues

    A truck and a car have collided on the E4 at the height of Österängen in Jönköping.

    No one is said to have been seriously injured, but there are some queues at the site, writes Jönköpings-Posten.

    One lane is closed in the northbound direction, according to the Swedish Transport Administration’s website.

  • Swedes prepared to pause democracy

    The latest national SOM survey, which was published on Tuesday, shows that 67 percent of Swedes feel that development in Sweden is going in the wrong direction. The survey shows that a large percentage of Swedes are prepared to pause democracy if necessary.

    Opinion is polarized – fewer see themselves as neither right-wing nor left-wing, reports say Swedens radio.

    The Swedish economy and the private economy have also deteriorated in the past year, an unusually large number of respondents answered.

    – We were surprised that so many were prepared to allow democracy to be paused, says Sten Widmalm, professor of political science at Uppsala University to Sveriges Radio.

  • Margareta Strömstedt is dead

    Margareta Strömstedt together with Niklas and Jenny Strömstedt. Photo: Aftonbladet/TT

    Margareta Strömstedt, who was active as a journalist, writer and television producer, has died.

    Son Niklas Strömstedt announces this in social media, where he quotes a poem by the father Bo Strömstedt.

    Margareta Strömstedt died on Tuesday, and was 91 years old.

    Read more here.

  • Two people were stabbed at a Muslim center

    Portuguese police have shot dead a man suspected of stabbing several people at a Muslim center in Lisbon.

    Police were called to the scene during the morning where they found the suspect who is said to have been armed with a large knife, according to AP.

    When the man walked towards the police instead of putting down his knife, they shot him. He has been taken to hospital.

    Two people died in the attack and several are said to be injured.

    The country’s Prime Minister António Costa called the attack a “criminal act” but said it was too early to comment on the motive.

  • Four people arrested after a fight

    Police were called to Hjällbo in Gothenburg shortly after lunch due to a fight.

    Four people are involved in the fight and according to the police they must have had an affair.

    All are arrested by the police on suspicion of attempted serious assault.

    The police seize the accessories at the scene.

    No one was injured in connection with the altercation.

  • Fire in villa in Örebro

    There is a fire in a villa in Örebro municipality.

    Police and emergency services are called to the scene.

    It is unclear if people are still in the building.

  • Pirates have boarded a Danish ship

    Pirates have attacked and boarded a Danish-owned ship in the Gulf of Guinea, AFP and Reuters report.

    The attack took place on Saturday. All communication with the ship is down, says a spokesperson during Tuesday according to Reuters.

    16 crew members must be on board. They must have made it to a safe place on the ship, according to a spokesperson from the ship’s shipping company Monjasa.

    According to Monjasa, it is now cooperating with “all relevant marine authorities”.

    According to Reuters, it is a tanker with oil and chemicals.

    The Gulf of Guinea is a well-known hotspot for pirates.

  • The club: No new petrol cars in the EU from 2035

    No petrol or diesel cars may be sold in the EU after 2035. Photo: Roald, Berit/NTB

    No new petrol and diesel cars are to be sold in the EU from 2035. That is clear after a vote in the EU, TT reports.

    The formal decision was taken by the energy ministers of the EU countries.

    – It is an important step, an important signal. The green transition is really here to stay, said Energy and Food Minister Ebba Busch (K) on her way into the meeting in Brussels.

    23 countries said yes while Romania and Bulgaria abstained and only Italy and Poland said no.

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    Latest news

  • “Swedes prepared to pause democracy” says the title but the article says “pause the economy”. Which is it?


    Hey Pavo! There was a mistake in the post, it should say “democracy” right through – not the economy. Now it’s arranged!

  • Is there any reason why they are now showing a picture of the “Kurdish fox”? At the beginning of the year, when it emerged that he and others were behind the conflict in Stockholm, all images were blurred. Is it because public interest has increased over time?


    Hi Birgitta! Here is a solid answer to your question!

  • 4-6 months for pedophile site. Hope you wrote it wrong, that it should be year instead. Otherwise we live in a sick society


    Hello Sanna! Four years and six months is the sentence imposed on the man.

  • What happened to Ringhals that was supposed to start on Friday? We ordinary people who cannot afford to eat wonder!


    Hi Asta! It has been postponed, unfortunately. Ringhals 4 is not expected to start until April 1, Vattenfall announced on March 20.

  • What does public transport in the Stockholm area look like now in the snow? Are buses and trains running as they should?


    Hello! No, there are some problems, especially in the southern parts. Here you can read our article about the traffic situation.

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