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One to hospital after fight

today at 16.12 Amanda Hällsten

The police have been alerted to an ongoing fight in Vasaparken in Norrköping.

A man, who was injured in the fight, has been taken to hospital by ambulance.

The crime scene has been cordoned off and a man in his 30s has been arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault.

Latest news

  • Several dead after landslide

    About ten people have died after a landslide on the Indonesian island of Serasan in the South China Sea, several news agencies report.

    Several buildings have been destroyed and around 50 people are still missing.

    – Many people who need help have not been able to be reached because we still have difficulty getting to the affected areas, says Abdul Mahari, spokesperson for Indonesia’s state emergency agency.

    Normally it takes about five hours to reach the islands by boat, due to the weather it is taking longer now.

  • No investigation into work environment violations after Löfving’s death

    Prosecutors have decided not to initiate a preliminary investigation into work environment violations in connection with the death of police chief Mats Löving in February.

    – In order for a preliminary investigation to be initiated, there must be reason to assume that a crime that falls under general prosecution has occurred, says Per Nichols, chief prosecutor at the Special Prosecutor’s Chamber in a press release.

    Nichols says, among other things, that there were not enough circumstances to suggest a crime.

    – Which in itself is of course an extremely tragic event, he says.

  • Apartment fired upon – two arrested

    Two men, aged 35 and 50 respectively, have been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after a shooting in Örebro, TT reports.

    It was on Sunday evening that the police were alerted to loud bangs in a residential area. On the spot, it was found that an apartment had been shelled. No one was injured in the shooting.

  • Man arrested for attempted murder

    Police and an ambulance were called to an apartment in Gothenburg because a man in his 50s had been stabbed.

    The suspected perpetrator, also in his 50s, fled the scene but was later arrested.

    The injured man is said to have been stabbed in the leg. The police are investigating the incident as attempted murder.

  • Stole rolls and squirted soft cheese

    A man stole rolls from a grocery store in Visby on Monday morning. When the staff tried to stop him, he became threatening and sprayed soft cheese at them before fleeing, the police write on their website.

    The police have drawn up a report of petty theft.

  • Woman was threatened with a gun after blockading

    Two dark-clad men with hoods entered a woman’s residence outside Alingsås and threatened her with a gun.

    – She had posted an ad on Blocket where she wanted to sell a piece of gold jewelry, so it probably had something to do with that, says Peter Adlersson, press spokesperson in the West police region.

    But the robbers didn’t get anything.

    – I’m a little unsure why, it could be that the jewelery was already sold. They limped off into the forest.

    Police are on the scene with dogs looking for the men, but have so far found nothing.

    – There may have been a car somewhere that they got away with, says Peter Adlersson.

    The woman is cut after the incident, but has no physical injuries.

  • Woman detained for crimes against humanity

    A 30-year-old woman is detained in her absence for crimes against humanity in Syria, reports The Express.

    The crimes must have taken place between 2014 and 2016.

    Exactly which crimes are suspected of having been committed is unclear, but for example murder, rape, torture and forced labor are included in the heading “crimes against humanity”, if they form part of an extensive or systematic attack against a group of civilians.

  • SMHI tightens the weather warnings

    SMHI has previously issued several yellow warnings for wind in combination with snowfall in several parts of the country ahead of the week. Now SMHI tightens the warnings for northern Götaland, eastern Svealand and northern Skåne to orange warnings.

    The authority warns, among other things, of delays and canceled departures in bus, train and air traffic. As well as likely power outages in areas with overhead power lines, which could affect mobile networks.

    Yellow warnings remain for southernmost and eastern Svealand, all of Götaland, Gotland, Öland. As well as the gale warnings in Skagerrak, Vänern, parts of the Baltic Sea, Kattegatt, Öresund and Bälten.

    As well as new warnings for low water levels in the Belts, Öresund and the southwestern Baltic Sea.

    Read more here.

  • The government wants to increase transparency in independent schools

    The government wants to increase transparency in independent preschools, schools and leisure centers, they announce in a press release.

    The current School Information Inquiry is now tasked with investigating how a transparency principle could be introduced.

    – In order to deal with systematic challenges in the independent school sector, better insight and transparency are needed, says Education Minister Lotta Edholm.

    – All cards must be put on the table and a complete preparation document must be produced when transparency in independent schools is now to be increased, she continues.

  • Attempted murder against man – two women arrested

    The police have arrested two women who are suspected of attempted murder against a man in his 60s in Dalarna.

    According to Region Dalarna, the man must have been stabbed in the throat on Saturday.

    Chamber prosecutor Eva-Lena Jansson states that both women were born in the 1990s.

    – I cannot say much more about the case at the moment. We are still investigating what happened, she says.

    Read more here.

  • Foster parents acquitted after Donia’s death

    15-year-old Donia was found dead in her bed in a foster home in southern Sweden in 2012. Now the foster parents are cleared of the criminal charges of murder, alternatively causing the death of another, due to the statute of limitations.

    The estate’s and the biological parents’ request for damages is also rejected by the district court.

    The girl was ill with glandular fever when she was found dead in her room in the family home.

    — It is not proven that the course of the girl’s illness was other than what normally follows from glandular fever and what the foster parents were told about the illness. There is no investigation that shows that the foster home parents understood that there was a serious risk that the girl could die if she did not receive care, says lawyer Björn Hansson.

    Read more here.

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  • Has anyone received the declaration yet? they will start being sent out today. Mine hasn’t arrived.


    Hello! Some have received it today, others are expected to receive it later in the week. It must have arrived no later than March 10 if you have Kivra.

  • Hello!

    I wonder if you have any idea how many victims have been found so far after the earthquake in Turkey and Syria.

    Leif Larsson

    Hello! According to international media, the death toll was over 50,000 at the end of February.

  • Instead of having a lot of drivel about infidelity & couple problems, you can instead post a flasher that today at 3 pm Hesa ​​Fredrik will be tested.

    Is it appropriate for the media to take responsibility & inform about this in these troubled times.



    Hello. Thank you for the reminder. We are aware of that.

  • Can you please link to a single funny/good news?


  • Hello Aftonbladet

    How much Swedish kronor has Sweden sent to Ukraine? Grateful for answers


    Hello! Since the war started in February 2022, Sweden has contributed approximately SEK 4.2 billion to humanitarian and civilian support in Ukraine.

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