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Notorious drug lord pleads guilty

today at 07.29 Nelly Kronstrand

Cocaine king “Otoniel”, whose real name is Dario Antonio Úsuga, has pleaded guilty to drug trafficking in a court in New York, TT reports.

Úsuga, who is the former leader of the powerful Gulf Clan drug cartel, was extradited to the United States last year after being arrested in his native Colombia in 2021.

He is accused of having, during his time with the Gulf Clan, smuggled 73 tons of cocaine into the United States between 2003 and 2012.

Previously, Úsuga has denied, but now he pleads guilty to three charges. Which means that he will have to pay 216 million dollars to the American government. He also faces a minimum 20-year prison sentence.

Latest news

  • New flight alerts in Ukraine

    Authorities are warning of new Russian attacks in Ukraine and all regions of the country are now sounding the air raid alert.

    In Kyiv, Odessa and Dnipropetrovsk, residents are advised to seek shelter in shelters and basements.

  • SD member ran detective agency

    Katja Nyberg (SD) Photo:

    Katja Nyberg, SD Member of Parliament and police officer at Noa, has launched a private detective agency online, reports The Express.

    Among other things, she must have stated that she could use her contacts and make searches in registers.

    Nyberg has worked as a police officer since the 90s, and in 2013 she also launched the detective firm KN Agency, according to the newspaper.

    Only in 2015 did Noa find out about her sideline. In connection with that, she was told that the agency could damage the reputation and impartiality of the police, and thus also informed that she would close the agency down.

    But Expressen’s mapping shows that the detective agency is still marketed online via several different social media.

    Nyberg herself denies that she offers any detective services.

    – I have never run this, she tells the newspaper.

  • One to hospital after car accident – ​​crashed into tree

    A light truck has driven off highway 40 just outside Borås.

    – The driver has driven off the road and ended up crashing halfway up a tree, says Andreas Persson, at the rescue service.

    He describes the accident as serious. One person had to be taken to hospital by ambulance.

    Riksvägen has only one lane open in the direction of Gothenburg.

  • JO criticizes the detention center Salberga

    Inmates in the detention center in Salberga in Sala were held in isolation for a period in January 2022 due to the spread of covid-19.

    Now the Correctional Service is being criticized by the Ombudsman, JO, reports Audience.

    JO believes that the detention center was obliged to be able to offer normal outdoor stays as soon as possible – and believes that the efforts to make this possible were insufficient.

    “Overall, the detention center deserves criticism for not having taken the necessary measures to be able to offer the inmates outdoor accommodation to a greater extent than has happened,” writes Katarina Påhlsson, JO, in her decision.

  • Fully developed fire in villa

    A villa has started to burn outside Ljungskile in Uddevalla.

    The police and emergency services were called just after 03:00.

    According to Johan Ytterberg, officer on duty at the rescue service, the villa has been uninhabited for several years.

    – No people have been in the villa. There is also no risk of the fully developed fire spreading, he says.

    The emergency services have decided to let the house burn down. The police have filed a report of arson, but at the moment there are no suspects.

  • Fire in terraced house – residents evacuated

    Several people were evacuated from their homes when there was a fire in a row of terraced houses in Höganäs during the night of Thursday.

    The police and emergency services were alerted at 02.08. The fire started in a conservatory and was extinguished during the night.

    There are no reports of personal injuries.

    – Initially there was a risk of spreading, says Tobias Aldgård, officer on duty at the rescue service, to HD.

  • Severely damaged after knife cutting

    Two people were stabbed in a fight at a restaurant in Tumba, south of Stockholm, shortly before midnight.

    One of them – a 25-year-old man – was later admitted to hospital and is considered to have serious injuries, according to the police. The other – a man in his 30s – was slightly injured.

    The police have started a preliminary investigation into attempted murder and serious assault.

    No one has been arrested, but the police have searched for two perpetrators who were seen leaving the restaurant after the fight.

    – We have had a larger effort in the area, says Anna Westberg at the police’s regional command centre.

    The police do not believe that the stabbing has any connection with the explosion in Tullinge later in the night.

  • Explosion south of Stockholm

    Emergency services and police were alerted just after 01.30 about a loud bang in Tullinge in Botkyrka municipality, south of Stockholm.

    The police have established that an explosion occurred in an industrial area. Large cordons are in place in anticipation of bomb technicians.

    Read more in Aftonbladet’s article.

  • Imprisoned Malmö priest decapitated

    A priest in Malmö has his collar cut off and is no longer allowed to carry out his work, reports say South Sweden.

    The announcement comes after the priest was recently sentenced to one month in prison for aggravated drunken driving and aggravated illegal driving after being stopped by security guards outside a pub.

    When the security guards intervened, the priest, who had 1.99 alcohol in his blood, must have become “messy and threatening”, according to witnesses, writes Sydsvenskan.

    The priest is also said to have been convicted several times in the past for illegal driving as he has not had a driver’s license for several years.

    The priest is considered to have violated the Church of Sweden’s fifth ordination vow, which states that a priest must promise to “so set his life that it becomes an example to everyone and an offense to no one.”

    – When priests are ordained, they make vows. This means, for example, that they must be role models for everyone. And you’re not just a priest until 5 pm, says Eirik Ski, first diocesan lawyer at Lund’s diocese to Sydsvenskan.

  • Drug kingpin admits

    Dairo Antonio Úsuga. Photo: Colombia Police Press Office via AP,

    Cocaine kingpin Dairo Antonio Úsuga, also known as “Otoniel”, now pleads guilty to drug smuggling, TT reports.

    Dairo Antonio Úsuga was formerly the leader of the powerful Gulf Clan drug cartel, but was arrested in 2021 in Colombia and handed over to the United States last year.

    He is accused of having smuggled 73 tons of cocaine into the United States and has previously denied any crime. But on Wednesday, he pleaded guilty to three of the charges in a New York court.

  • Trump soon back on Facebook and Instagram

    Donald Trump. Photo: House Select Committee via AP

    Donald Trump may soon be back on Facebook and Instagram, writes NBC.

    The ex-president was suspended from his accounts on the platforms after the storming of the Capitol on January 6, 2021. But in a few weeks he will be able to log in and go online again, according to the company Meta, which owns Facebook and Instagram and is currently reinstalling Trump’s accounts.

    But if he publishes something that goes against the platforms’ rules, he risks being banned again, for up to two years.

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  • The Kristersson government must be the most pathetic and pitiful ever! Why don’t they dare to face the consequences of their policies? They keep secret who gets electricity subsidies and how much, for 20 years!!! Why!?


    Hey! The government states that it is about wanting to protect “individuals’ personal circumstances”. They have also referred to the security policy situation.

  • Freedom of speech, ok, but when does it cross the line. Hang a lifelike doll, burn book revered by millions.

    Is there no legal scope to prosecute them for blasphemy, personal persecution, etc.?

    gunner current sheet

    The blasphemy law was abolished in 1949.

    The Freedom of Religion Act was abolished in 1970 because freedom of expression weighs more heavily.

    Unlawful persecution means committing several criminal violations against one and the same person.

    The burning of the Koran has been investigated for incitement against a ethnic group, but in Sweden you can express strong disrespect for a religion. It is not the same as expressing it to the believers.

  • Hello,

    Wondering how often you “check in” and respond to the posts here? Sees that only one person has received an answer since 11 pm yesterday. Surely you have received several questions from readers since then? Grateful for answers.


    Hi Vivian!

    We receive a lot of questions and we always try to answer as many questions as we can, but sometimes there is not enough time as there is a lot of news we have to report on!

    All’s Well!

  • Maybe it’s me who just can’t find it, but where is the info on the alpine para WC??


    Hi Maria! Sportbladet usually updates regularly about the Alpine Para WC, so just keep an eye on their page here!

    Here you can read about Ebba Årsjö’s latest WC gold!

  • Instagram is down for me and my girlfriends give us more info please


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